20th Mar2016

‘The Walking Dead: Collector’s Models’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Models, especially those based on the things we love are popular because they show off our favourite characters and in many ways advertise the things that catch our interest. The Walking Dead: Collector’s Models are a perfect example of this. The first “season” of these models feature some of the most popular people from the series.

Rick Grimes is a no brainer really and is one of the first you get in the collection. Others added to this list include Michonne, Daryl Dixon, his brother Merle and of course The Governor, one of the most iconic enemies the zombie killers face in the early days of The Walking Dead…

With each model in The Walking Dead: Collector’s Models you also get a magazine which features details about the character that it arrives with. This is fairly basic, and most fans will already know such things as the character’s history. There are still some interesting bits of trivia though and it is nice to see that time has been taken to fully research information about not only the people who have been modelled but also which episodes in the show are important to them.

The models themselves are impressive and are recognisable straight away. Each of the characters feature their favourite weapons and little hints as to who they are. This includes The Governor standing over a Woodbury sign, and Michonne stood over the heads of her two Zombie pets. Michonne, The Governor and Daryl are the stand out models for me, especially Michonne with her Katana blade ready to decapitate any of the undead who come too close.

What caught my eye with these models is how well they are made. Most importantly they are strong built and won’t break easily. They are also hand painted which shows in the quality of the colours, and the details that are easy to see in their design. Thankfully they are also not rushed, and there is an eye for detail in each model that fans will be pleased to know. Sometimes there are some attempts to cash-in on popular shows like The Walking Dead. Thankfully this is not one of them.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and like collecting models then this could be a good collection to get into,  though be warned, these model collections – if previous Eaglemoss examples are anything to go by – can often run into  a ton of “issues”, meaning they can get expensive in the long run. On top of that these aren’t the biggest models out there (1:21 scale) but they are large enough to allow for plenty of details in the design whilst not taking up too much precious shelf-space; and that is the most important thing in the end.

The Walking Dead: Collector’s Models are sold exclusively online. You can view the prices and subscription details on the official website here

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