05th Mar2016

‘Too Naughty To Say No’ DVD Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido

“Nasty Enough To Say Yes!”


Betty (Angel, For Your Thighs Only) is your typical innocent Catholic schoolgirl. One day after studying her bible under the supervision of Sister Rose (Lisa De Leeuw, Pink Champagne) with her party loving friend Catherine (Ginger Lynne, Lust in the Fast Lane), she doses off (religion does that to you.) and finds herself in a world filled with lust, debauchery and some very questionable individuals indeed. Her adventures begin with her watching Catherine get down and dirty with an older guy (Jamie Gillis, Corruption) who thankfully has better taste in women than he does clothes! After the free show, Catherine promises her much more and instantly delivers by sending her to a brothel ran by Madame Rose (De Leeuw again). She’s treated once again to a free show, but finds herself the subject of a bidding war between Senator Bribe (Eric Edwards, Laura’s Toys), Nazi-like Colonel Vice (Klaus Müller in his only role), Hollywood director Stephen Swinestein (Edward Longly also in his only role) and Bishop John (Milton Ingley, Fantasyworld). Freaked out, she escapes, but things only get weirder! From crooked cops (Paul Barresi, Co-Ed Fever & Rick Cassidy, Widow Blue!) to perverted undertakers (Harry Reems, Deep Throat), Betty’s journey through dreamworld is as sordid as it is erotic. Oh well, she’ll have some juicy material to share at her next confession!

Too Naughty To Say No is a naughty little film indeed. Based off characters from de Sade, taking influence from Alice in Wonderland and almost structured like Juliette et Justine, both Randall and Nye have produced a trip of an adult feature. It’s not as explicit or as mean spirited as de Sade’s work or as outright trippy as Alice in Wonderland, but there are some strange goings on, but the action is still sexy. That’s no surprise as Randall herself directed the sex. Some scenes drag on a tiny bit, but they are wonderfully staged and shot. Plus, when you have the likes of Ginger Lynne getting down and dirty, it’s OK by me! The dialogue oriented scenes are fun and well acted. Angel’s portrayal of the virginal Betty slowly getting corrupted is fun to watch and hey, she’s cute as a button. To compliment Angel and Ginger (the latter should have had much more screen time!), there is a very solid supporting cast. It may not be the most memorable performances from Gillis, Edwards or Reems, but they do more than get the job done in their small roles. This is one of hose films that is really quite simple, but very enjoyable. For me personally, films like this from around the mid-1980’s often seem to lack charm, but there’s really no complaints here aside from some of the sex scenes being a few strokes too long. All in all, this is one of the more interesting films adapted from or influenced by the writings of de Sade.

In terms of presentation, Vinegar Syndrome deliver the goods (as if they wouldn’t) once again. Not only is the film restored beautifully in 2k from 35mm source materials, but it’s presented in the correct aspect ratio, a much more superior print than the previous Caballero release. The colours are vibrant and the image is sharp. The only extra is a Joe Rubin moderated audio commentary with Suze Randall, Victor Nye, Amber (of Suze Randall Productions) and Christian McLaughlin. It may be the only extra, but it’s a welcome one that is informative as it is entertaining. There is a lot to be gained. Of course, a trailer would have been nice, but I am not aware if one exists, so I won’t hold it against Vinegar Syndrome! All in all, this is another solid release of a film that could have been forgotten. Definitely worth picking up!

No… I won’t clumsily use the title as a pun to end this review! Too Naughty To Say No is available now on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome


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