04th Mar2016

‘The Aliens: 1×01’ Review (E4)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Michael Socha, Jim Howick, Michaela Coel, Daniel Eghan, Roy Thorn, Holli Dempsey, Trystan Gravelle, Michael Smiley, Ashley Walters | Written by Fintan Ryan | Directed by Lawrence Gough, Jonathan van Tulleken

E4 returns to top-form with a scintillating new comedy that sees writers repeat the success of Misfits…

The Aliens is certainly not your standard TV show. Set in the curious city of Troy, a segregated metropolis bearing resemblance to East/West Berlin during the Cold War, it kicks-off at a frenetic pace. The city’s duality exists due to a race of ‘aliens’ who show no distinction between humans. However, they exist as a sub-human species, with their hair being traded as a commodity by drug-lords (yes, you read that correctly).

Policing the borders of Troy is Louis (Michael Socha) who makes an alarming discovery early on in the show. After finding himself attracted to somewhat unsavoury videos of aliens on the web, he uncovers that he is in fact half-alien himself. What follows is a series of hijinks that see Louis enter deeper into the world of the aliens; initially to rescue his hapless sister, but underpinned by a yearning to uncover more about his past.

Lois strikes up an unlikely friendship with another alien working at the border named Dominic, played brilliantly by Jim Howick. Through an infatuation with Lois, Dominic acts as a portal into the alien underbelly whilst his antics raise more than a few laughs. That’s not to say that The Aliens is your standard E4 comedy. The writing deftly contains a pulsating plot, meaning that I was only left wanting more following the cliffhanger ending to the first episode.

The Aliens is an electrifying show that hurls you into an intriguing world of fun. There’s stellar performances from actors fast becoming British staples, as well as the introduction of some promising new faces.

Tune in for episode 1 of The Aliens on E4, 8th March 2016.


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