01st Mar2016

Top 5: Gadgets Every Gamer Would Kill For

by Guest

Every gamer has their own bucket list on what items to buy and try in action while playing your favourite video games. I am sure there are at least five gadgets in your secret notebook. However, here is a top list of the most desired devices you did not know you have always wanted…


World’s Largest Arcade Machine

If you think it is an awesome choice for your playroom, think of the fact this thing is four meters high. You should be a giant to play it. Or at least get yourself a ladder. It is a nice purchase to impress your friends or decorate a featured playroom.

BB-8 Droid

Every Star Wars saga fan would love to get one. After the latest episode’s incredible success and the newest video game based on the movie launch, gamers keep snapping it up. It has all the functions of the original character from the movie. It is a robotized toy with an adaptive personality that changes while you play. You can easily teach it to recognize your voice. It will take a few tries to make BB8 react on it. A nice option is capturing futuristic holographic videos with it.

Oculus Touch 

This awesome gadget gives you an opportunity to use your hands for interactions in virtual reality. Wanna visit a casino? No need to get your preppy clothes and take a long ride searching for one. Put the device on your eyes and hands and play roulette, pull down any slot machine handle, or roll the dice. Pleasant time passing guaranteed. Users have tested this gadget in popular MMOs. A hurricane of emotions knocked them off their feet. Fighting, healing and even eating is possible inside of the game. Some of them claimed they could feel pressure in palms taking weapons in hands.

CXC Motion Pro II Racing Sim

It is a new super powerful simulator for people addicted to racing games. There is hardly anything more realistic. Here you can find a high-powered gaming PC, a three-panel widescreen display for panoramic visuals, integrated 5.1 surround speakers, a working car dash, full car controls, and even a racing seat that responds to the onscreen action. Sounds unreal, but this gadget has been launched and you can order it right now.

Resident Evil Shot Blaster

Finally, it is back! If you were trying to get a Resident Evil Shot Blaster recently, you have definitely noticed the tendency of the sold-out. Moreover, no stocks coming. This powerful weapon is good for playing any Resident Evil mission as well as any other shooter on the Wii. What does it do? It simply lets you smash all your enemies with one shot and saves you from gaining extra pounds. Because you have to move to use your weapon to maximum. It is high time to show those zombies who is the boss here.

If you are looking to add some adrenaline to all your games – this list is just what you need. And you will never regret buying any of these gadgets.


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