02nd Feb2016

Teaser trailer for Uli Lommel’s ‘Boogeyman Resurrection’

by Phil Wheat

Uli Lommel’s Boogeyman, released in 1980, should have slipped under the radar of many a horror fan and it would have – had it not become entangled with the Video Nasties scare here in the UK in the early 80s. It was that “promotion” which gave Lommel’s film more notoriety than it undoubtedly should. So much so that Lommel’s film spawned TWO sequels – Revenge of the Boogeyman in 1983 and Return of the Boogeyman in 1994 (well, if you can call them sequels – they reuse way too much footage to be original films).

Now, 26 years after the first film was released, Uli Lommel returns to the boogeyman well for Boogeyman Resurrection, purported to be a remake of the original film; and he has released the first trailer – which again re-uses old Boogeyman footage!!

The only positives I can see this time round is in Lommel’s choice of cast: Tristan Risk (American Mary) and Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede 2). Although checking IMDb, I was surprised to see horror blogger Colin McCracken (ZombieHamster.com) listed as co-writer… Good on him for making the leap into making movies!


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