16th Nov2015

First pics of LEGO superhero racing range ‘Mighty Micros’

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at a new series of racer sets, called Mighty Micros, which consist of two figures and two small vehicle builds – featuring a range of Marvel and DC Comics characters – who, given the title and the fact they come with sports cars, are taking part in some presumed race/battle.

According to reports, these mini figures come with the smaller, Yoda-like, legs, rather than the standard minifig legs… Though given these look like entry price-point sets (much like the MicroFighters range), it’s probably the cheapest way to bulk up your minifig collection. Plus legs are easy to come by on eBay etc…

Pics come courtesy of Flickr user Galaad, check out his page for more leaked LEGO visuals!







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