07th Nov2015

‘The Autobiography of James T. Kirk’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Written by David A. Goodman | Published by Titan Books


While the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek made changes to the characters of Gene Roddenberry’s classic universe, as fans we know we always have the original show to fall back on. The Autobiography of James T. Kirk by David A. Goodman is the story of THE iconic captain, and thankfully goes back to the original roots of the show…

Written in character as James T. Kirk, in the book we are guided through his life looking at why he joined the Federation and what shaped him to become the Captain he was destined to become. Taking us right up until his “death” this is a story fitting of the iconic character.

What I love about The Autobiography of James T. Kirk is the fact that this is the character we remember. David A. Goodman has a history with Star Trek having written for Star Trek: Enterprise as well as writing the Futurama episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before. What he shows in this book is that he knows the character of Kirk and what the fans want.

While I do enjoy the new movies I don’t like the way they simplified the character of Kirk and took away some of the main qualities that defined the character. What we are given in The Autobiography of James T. Kirk is a Kirk who feels like the one we grew to know in the series, and then in the movies. There is no re-written universe here, this is good old school Kirk and the one we needed.

What is impressive is just how the book works as a story told by Kirk himself. This is an autobiography where he confesses some of his evils, reveals the events that shaped his captaincy, and events that would haunt him right up to his death. Though it should be noted this “death” is the one we see in Star Trek: Generations. This is the reason that this is the perfect book for fans of James T. Kirk, and William Shatner’s version of the captain. Though the words are written by David A. Goodman it is easy to picture Shatner as Kirk speaking the words. This is why the book works so well.

For fans of the original Star Trek, The Autobiography of James T. Kirk hits all the right buttons for ‘Trekkies’, and is true to the original series. It’s an easy read, and if anything you’ll finish it too quickly for your own liking. The ending is fitting of not only Kirk himself, but to the events leading into Generations and there are some poignant words to end the book by Spock. To go into what he says would of course be a spoiler, but I’ll just say they are very fitting to what is to come. With a new show just announced this is an excellent way to remember the original captain that started it all (though not in the original pilot of course).

***** 5/5

A must buy for Star Trek fans, especially fans of James T. Kirk, just do yourself a favour and buy this book right now. The Autobiography of James T. Kirk by David A. Goodman is available now through Titan Books.

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