04th Nov2015

‘Jackbox Party Pack 2’ Review (PC)

by Paul Metcalf


If you are a fan of games, you’ll know that there are many ways to play. Some are more social than others, while some want you to play alone. Jackbox Party Pack 2 is a set of party games that wants you to enjoy it with as many people as possible, and ends up being very fun.

The idea of Jackbox Party Pack 2 is fairly simple. On the PC when you load up the game you are creating an instance of it on the server and you are given a code to give to people who can then load up a browser on a computer or another device and play the game or be part of the audience. With most of the games being up to around 8 players everything is fairly controlled.

Jackbox Party Pack 2 is made up of 5 games: Fibbage 2 (2-8 players), Earwax (3-8 players), Bidiots (3-6 players), Quiplash XL (3-8 players) and Bomb Corp (1-4 players). Once the game is started and the code is given out to players everything is easy to set up and the games can be played.

My favourite of the selection of the games has to be Fibbage 2, but you do have to have people with a good sense of humour to get the best out of it. This is typical of all the games. In the age of streaming these games work well and entertain the watchers, which is why there is an audience option in-game (who can also make decisions within the games). It’s fair to say that Fibbage and Quicklash XL are the two main games and are the most rewarding of the lot.

In the list of games, you’ll have no doubt noticed that Bomb Corp is the one game that offers the ability to play it single player. I did give this one a try by myself and found it fun, though when playing alone it tended to get slightly boring. Obviously the more players as possible is the best option to go by with all the games (the hint there is “party”).

The main aim of Jackbox Party Pack 2 is to offer a selection of party games that can be played not only in a party scenario but also online with friends who don’t have to be in the same building as you, and either way you play it, you are going to have fun. Make sure you get the most people you can involved and let the craziness take over, and the laughter will come.

It’s easy to recommend Jackbox Party Pack 2 to anybody who wants to have a laugh and play a game that works easy and isn’t going to tax your brain or your computer. Easy to set up, it runs surprisingly well and leads to some surprisingly funny moments. It may raise some questions about the sanity of some of the people taking part in the game…but we all have our moments right? (The answer to that is obviously yes).

**** 4/5

Jackbox Party Pack 2 is available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Playstation 4 now.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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