02nd Nov2015

‘WWE 2015 Annual’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


As we reach the end of the year, WWE will already be putting together their “best of” Raw and Smackdown, and Best of PPV Matches for 2015 which will round-up some of the best matches they’ve had this year, and there are plenty of good ones to come. Until then, with an obvious view of focusing on Christmas purchases the WWE 2015 Annual pulls together a few DVD releases and puts them in a nice giftable package.

We have actually reviewed the contents of this release before, but I did re-watch them to see if my opinion has changed. Here are the original reviews: WWE The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2014 | WWE Best PPV Matches 2014

As you can tell from my review scores, I preferred WWE Best PPV Matches 2014 rather than the Raw and Smackdown selection, and I stick by these reviews. In putting these two disc sets together like this WWE have provided the fans with a nice selection of matches from 2014, and as we reach the end of 2015 it’s an interesting look back to what led up to the WWE of this year.

What does that mean for fans? Well it means we see Brock Lesnar the beast, Daniel Bryan actually wrestling, and the rise of Seth Rollins. It is interesting to see that WWE is improving against 2014, especially with the rise of NXT to the main roster and the improvements they bring.

If you already own WWE The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2014 and WWE Best PPV Matches 2014 then it goes without saying that WWE 2015 Annual is not for you, because this release is just those two disc sets put together. If you do not own them though and want a good slice of WWE entertainment then this is worth looking at.

Heading into Christmas, is this a good choice for a Christmas present? I would say yes, as this is exactly the type of release pushed out with the hope that this is how they are picked up. In fact it would be perfect for WWE fans. Some of the matches may disappoint, but the beauty of DVD releases is the ability to select the matches you want and to watch the truly good ones. These discs are packed to the brim with wrestling action, and there are classic matches here, so it is a worthy WWE set for fans of sports entertainment.

So yes, WWE 2015 Annual is well worth buying if you don’t own the two disc sets separately. These matches may be from way back in 2014, but sometimes it’s good to look back before we move onto bigger and better things, and as the release is just in time for Christmas, this is a perfect sports entertainment package.

**** 4/5

WWE 2015 Annual is available in the UK now on DVD.

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