28th Sep2015

First images from Adam R. Steigert’s sci-fi thriller ‘S.T.A.R’

by Phil Wheat

Over the past few years DefTone Pictures Studios and director Adam R. Steigert have brought us various titles such as the much anticipated independent science-fiction horror film Not Human (formally Ombis: Alien Invasion) which is now available on DVD/VOD; and the cult phenomena horror/ comedy A Grim Becoming, currently screening in film festivals. And now DefTone Pictures Studios Inc is about to take you on another science fiction thrill-ride in 2016 with S.T.A.R. [Space Traveling Alien Reject]

The once famous award winning horror and science fiction writer Greg Vincent is now a struggling, alcoholic. Looking for inspiration for his next book, so that he can pay off his debts with the notorious Italian crime lord Angelia Branco, he finds himself struggling. In attempt to find his next story, Greg finds himself doing meet and greats at a local library in the outskirts of Metsburgh. Enter S.T.A.R, a reject escaping death on his home world of Mars in search of a safe haven from the hideous Meroark’s.

Greg encounters this strange, blue, oddly shaped, English speaking, wiseguy alien after they both find themselves hiding in the same cabin. With a deadline given by the mob, and an alien race in trail of S.T.A.R. who will be able to save them? Maybe Alex Creed, the ex-action grindhouse star from such films as Devan Danger vs. the Atomic Space Zombies and Marissa, a diehard fan, could this possibly be the basis for the perfect story which could jump start not only his career but also his life?

Adam R. Steigert once again helms the project as writer/director, reuniting with Not Human star Richard Satterwhite as Alex Creed and A Grim Becoming co-star Aryn Fitzgerald as Marissa. The film will also star newcomer Christopher Barbis in the title role of Greg Vincent , along with Lori Cholewka, scream queen Nicola Fiore, supermodel Melyssa Jade as Angela Branco, and Patrick Mallette voicing and puppetering the titular S.T.A.R.

DefTone have set a late second 2016 quarter release for S.T.A.R. [Space Traveling Alien Reject] which promises to broaden the age limitations normally seen from horror and science fiction films…





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