15th Sep2015

Journey to the West gets a Western update in ‘Monkey’

by Phil Wheat

Abstract Entertainment and Eracme Entertainment have announced a new major motion picture, entitled Monkey, based on the beloved Chinese story Journey to the West. While it has been portrayed in previous productions in traditional settings, Monkey reimagines the story 4000 years after the original. A contemporary global action movie, MONKEY begins when an unimaginable evil is once again threatening the world, bringing the lead character, the Monkey King, and his loyal friends back to save mankind. The film will be co-financed by Eracme Entertainment.

Said Producers Mike Bundlie and Barry Levine:

There has been a rush to bring western-originated movies to the Chinese market. Monkey reverses that and will be the first English language film focused on introducing a Chinese tale to the international audience in a contemporary setting. In the same way that European mythology made a successful transition from period-based films to modern tentpoles, Monkey opens the door for the rich and powerful characters of China to be presented to the world. We’ve gathered a team with a deep connection and respect for this mythology and with the sensibility to make a truly exciting and epic movie.

Christopher Yost of Thor: The Dark World and the forthcoming Thor: Ragnarok has been brought on to pen the screenplay, bringing his strong, heroic sensibility to the characters. Monkey draws from one of the greatest stories in the world;” says Yost, “the chance to explore it as a globe-hopping, modern adventure is the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Producing the picture are Barry Levine (Hercules, Oblivion), Mike Bundlie, Lauren Selig (Everest, Lone Survivor), Angela Wu, Fei Tan, Amber Wang, David Miller and Rob Feng. Academy Award winner Richard Taylor and his company Weta Workshop (Lord of the Rings) , will be working with Levine and Bundlie on creating a universal look for the characters and world.

For more info, check out the official website: themonkeymovie.com




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