10th Sep2015

New trailer for crowdfunded horror ‘Lab Rats’

by Phil Wheat

Lab Rats is the new splat-tastic body horror from British collective Team Chameleon. Their last film ‘6 Shooter’ about killer worms was shot for a mere £70 and played at Frightfest and festivals around the world. After a successful Kickstarter campaign (back in March) and backing from Eli Roth and Emily Booth, Lab Rats is coming at audiences with more melting body parts, oozing pustules and all manners of gooey practical effects! Just check out the new trailer for proof of that!

Lab Rats follows Kat and her eco-warrior friends as they embark on a mission to expose bio-chemistry company Ring-Amnion as liars, following a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab. Despite their public profile claiming otherwise; it soon becomes clear that Ring-Amnion are willing to test on more than just animals.

Lab Rats is written and directed by David ‘dwyz’ Wayman, produced by Lauren Parker and stars Teya Simone, Simon Wegrzyn, Darren Maffucci and Victoria Whittaker. For more info check out the Lab Rats Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as their website www.teamchameleon.com






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