27th Aug2015

Frightfest 2015 Podcasts: #21 – Goddess of Love

by Phil Wheat

Jon Knautz, director of past FrightFest favourites Jack Brooks Monster Slayer and The Shrine, now invites you to feel the horrendous pain of heartbreak. Enter into a baroque vortex of madness when an emotionally unstable stripper is shattered after being dumped by her boyfriend. Brian was the love of Venus’ life and the thought of him having an affair with another woman begins her volatile descent into the dark side of psychosexual insanity. Co-writer Alexis Kendra plays Venus with startling insight in an erotic thriller that’s sexy and shocking in the super-stylish tradition of Brian De Palma and Roman Polanski.

Nerdly writer and host of the Britflicks podcast, Stuart Wright, speaks to the writer/director Jon Knautz about Goddess of Love, which has its World Premiere at Frightfest 2015 on Monday 31st August at 6.45pm in Discovery Screen 1.


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