23rd Aug2015

Frightfest 2015 Podcasts: #15 – Landmine Goes Click

by Phil Wheat

Three American tourists are crossing the desolate mountains in the formerly war-torn republic of Georgia. Daniel has just proposed to Alicia and has asked Chris to be his best man, so they stop to take a celebration photograph. Chris steps to the right, the step goes click and he finds himself standing on a landmine. From that moment on Chris cannot move or he’s dead. But then secrets are revealed, dark motives uncovered, an outside threat appears and the real nightmare unfolds. For what happens on that terrifying afternoon will become a harbinger of doom for all lost innocence.

With Landmine goes Click set to make its European debut at Frightfest on Friday 28th August, Nerdly writer and host of the Britflicks podcast, Stuart Wright, speaks to the films director Levan Bakhia.


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