21st Aug2015

‘Tales from the Borderlands: Ep 4 – Escape Plan Bravo’ Review (PC)

by Paul Metcalf


If there is one thing you can say about Telltale Games, it’s that they take themselves too seriously at times. The Walking Dead hit hard at your emotions, Game of Thrones has tried the same. Tales from the Borderlands brings back the fun – for the most part – it also tried to keep things light. Episode 4, Escape Plan Bravo manages to hit a sucker punch you weren’t expecting, while at the same time showing a sense of humour that makes it the best episode yet.

Taking the action up to Space Station Helios there is plenty to enjoy in the story, and I won’t be spoiling it here. What I will say though is that there are moments of sadness, pure silliness and lots of humour that fits perfectly with the Borderlands series.

I will admit that I’ve made a choice that will probably have a big effect on the final episode, or at least it feels like it should. I am hoping that it will go the way I expect, and for Borderlands fans this feels right. If I’ve messed up of course, I’m sure that I’ll soon find out. The question about how many real choices we actually have in these games is raised again, but in truth when the story is this strong I’m happy to just play through the plot we’ve been given.

One thing that is revealed with Escape Plan Bravo is the fact that the final episode is going to have to provide many answers. Will we be happy with them? We’ll have to see. In Episode 4 though, for fans of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel it is fun to head back to the space station and see that it hasn’t changed much from when we were there before.

As usual there are many references to the Borderlands games, including Butt Stallion with a mystery surrounding the horse that will leave you questioning what the hell just happened. That is, if you make the same choice as I did of course (or all choices result in the same strange outcome).

Whatever happens in the final episode, it is fair to say that Escape Plan Bravo will take some beating. It is a tale that feels like the perfect heist, which of course goes disastrously wrong to make our jobs even harder, and many cliff-hangers are created. It is also an episode that creates the most emotional moment of the game so far, and one you won’t forget in a while. Fans of Borderlands in all its forms will remember this for sure and may even shed a tear.

If there is one thing we see in Tales from the Borderlands and the other Telltale Games, it is that they have their successful model now, but it is in need of an overhaul. Life is Strange has proven that other companies can do what Telltale Games does, and they can do it better.

Telltale now have to come back with a bang. I’m not sure Tales from the Borderlands has usurped Life is Strange for me as the best adventure game released this year, but I’m still enjoying it as part of the Borderlands world, and right now that is enough for me.

****½  4.5/5

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