16th Aug2015

‘iBeani’ Review

by Phil Wheat


The tablet, a wonderous invention that has – at least in my household – become de rigueur for the bedroom. Neither myself or my other half go to sleep without either reading a book or, especially in my case, watching the odd online video. But you know what sucks about tablets, especially when your lying in bed? Its holding the device up at the right viewing angle. It’s even worse when you’re nodding off to one… I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve hit myself in face after dozing and letting go of my iPad. So the iBeani sounded, at least on paper, like a perfect solution. And it is!

The iBeani is a stylish bean bag, specifically designed to hold tablets or e-readers on any surface at the perfect angle. And whilst other tablet stands will only work on flat surfaces, the iBeani is able to shift its shape to support and keep your device in the position you want, wherever you are. Best of all, it’s manufactured entirely in the UK from carefully selected quality fabrics – and made entirely by hand – to ensure customers get the highest quality and durable product possible.

The iBeani difference:

  • You can use the iBeani bean bag anywhere: On a desk, on your lap, in bed, on the sofa, in the car or on a plane! Unlike other stands, which require hard level surfaces, the iBeani can be used wherever you need to us your tablet.
  • You can change the angle: Depending on where or how you are sat (or slumped!), you may need your tablet to be angled differently. With the iBeani you can easily change the angle to whatever you need.
  • Fits any device: The iBeani bean-bag will fit any tablet device of any size, and any way round.
  • Comfy: Whether resting on your lap or at a desk, the iBeani is adaptable to ensure you have a comfortable experience, with as little strain as possible, avoiding the risks of iPad RSI & iPad Shoulder.
  • Social: The iBeani allows you to get the perfect angle to prop-up your tablet so you can share photos, videos, music or anything with friends and family. It’s also perfect for using with Skype or other video chat services too. Simply put your tablet on the iBeani, get the best angle for your camera and then chat away – gesticulating with both hands as much as you want!
  • Multi-use: The iBeani has many additional uses. It’s great for getting that perfect position when shooting yourself for YouTube for example (the iBeani’s secondary use in my household). You can use even use it as a book stand for the kitchen or office, or just a handy travel pillow!

It’s safe to say that the iBeani has become an essential part of my iPad use – and my YouTube channel too! I don’t know what I’d do without my iBeani for shooting my YouTube pick up videos – using the bean bag instead of a tripod means I don’t have to worry about having enough room to set-up and I can instantly change angles. As for using my iPad in bed… The iBeani has revolutionised how I watch videos late at night. No longer do I have to lay face down in bed and prop my iPad up again the headboard. Instead I can rest my head on my pillow and place the iBeani on my chest, getting the perfect viewing angle for my iPad AND not having to worry about dropping it off the bed, or even worse, on me!


Available in 16 different variations, including my personal favourite: skull & crossbones, with many more coming soon – the iBeani can be purchased at www.ibeani.co.uk. Prices start at £24.99.


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