16th Aug2015

Frightfest 2015 Podcasts: #10 – Hangman

by Phil Wheat

FrightFest alumnus Adam Mason returns to the fold with Hangman, a found-footage Funny Games. Arriving back from a two-week holiday, the Miller family unwittingly play host to a cold-hearted malevolent intruder who has broken into their home – and stayed there. Feeling violated, they have no idea he’s still watching their every move on surveillance cameras the meticulous interloper has secretly installed. Nor do they realise their true nightmares have only just begun. Horrors of the everyday reach a terrifying crescendo in this disturbing twist on the home invasion thriller bound to make your skin crawl.

Nerdly writer and host of the Britflicks podcast, Stuart Wright, speaks to Hangman director Adam Mason about his film, which screens on Saturday 29th August at 1.50pm in Discovery Screen 2.


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