14th Aug2015

‘Siren’ VOD Review

by Joel Harley

Stars: Vinessa Shaw, Robert Kazinsky, Bess Wohl, Ross Partridge, Christian Winsor, Stephen O’Neil Martin, Ben Hanson | Written and Directed by Jesse Peyronel


Not another film about killer mermaids (Hi Killer Mermaids), the bewitching Siren is a modern tale of an inadvertent Poison Ivy, hiding out in her woodland cottage. Leigh (Vinessa Shaw) just can’t help herself; giving off a powerful pheromone, any man who comes into contact with her instantly, irrevocably falls in love (or lust). Enter Guy (Robert Kazinsky) a smooth drifter who seems immune to her charms.

Where this could be the springboard for an unpleasant, rapey misogyny fest or teenage dumb-athon, Jesse Peyronel’s Siren is instead a sweet, gentle love story with slowly unfolding (yet mild) action waiting in the wings. Shaw and Kazinsky are well cast in their roles, even if the latter’s American accent doesn’t always ring true (certainly more tolerable than his stupid tough guy act in Eastenders or stupid tough guy act in Pacific Rim or stupid tough guy act in…. well, you get the idea) It should please fans of True Blood (in which Kazinsky played a stupid tough guy vampire fairy), prioritising its romance over the supernatural elements. It never gets as steamy as the famously kinky TV show, but its story is sweet enough.

A likeable, oddly enthralling romantic drama, Siren might not be what audiences are expecting (it’s certainly no horror or straight thriller) but its song is well worth hearing out.

**** 4/5

Siren is released on DVD and Digital, across the US, from August 18th. Check out the trailer below:


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