27th Jun2015

‘Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 – Catch a Ride’ Review (PC)

by Paul Metcalf


Telltale Games have reached a level with me where I enjoy the story, but the choices don’t have that much risk to them, if anything I’ve become cavalier with them. This isn’t a bad thing but there is a level of familiarity that tends to disconnect me from any danger and emotion. That was until Tales of the Borderlands: Episode Three – Catch a Ride finally arrived. This may be the episode they reached perfect Borderlands for me.

As usual no getting too deep into the storyline, that would be spoilers, but discoveries have been made that push Fiona, Rhys and their friends ever closer to discovering a new Vault. Oh and as expected Handsome Jack is still there fighting for control, with Athena watching ever suspicious (or just looking for a reason to kill somebody).

When I finished Catch a Ride I wasn’t sure what to think about it, but it stuck in my head until I finally got it. I never hide the fact that I’m a big fan of Borderlands, I’ve put way too many hours into the games and just love the chaos that has been created with Pandora. What Telltale Games have managed to do, especially with this episode is to get the spirit of Borderlands right and put it into a Telltale game, to the point that it feels like perfect Borderlands. This is as Pandora as it gets.

Borderlands at its best is about exploration, and discovering weird characters that add something to the story. Some don’t realise that there is much of a story to the explosion-fest that Borderlands can be, but there is. The humour may not be to everybody’s taste but when you get it, you tend to love it. This is what Telltale have definitely tapped into with this episode, and it is down to the well-formed characters.

For people who have played the game they’ll know Rhys and Fiona have been searching for something that will lead them to a new vault, well in this episode they find it (kind of). This brings forth a new character who is way too naive for the world of Pandora, and Ashley Johnson finally makes her debut in the game in a form that could easily be annoying, a cute robot on Pandora? Rather than predictably annoying, it adds a whole new element.

Episode three of Tales of the Borderlands has a perfect mix of violence (action), character development and humour. I found myself laughing at the genuinely funny moments, which is something really needed for a Borderlands game to work. In the choices I made I’d rather there have been more Handsome Jack, but this episode was important to set the plot in motion and bring together some strands that needed some resolution.

While the release schedule for Tales of the Borderlands hasn’t been the best the strength of this game has been that as soon as you start playing you are straight back into the action. I did worry that I would be disconnected from the story but with Catch a Ride I was fully dragged into the game. When the story finally comes to an end hopefully it won’t be the end of Fiona and Rhys’ adventures on Pandora… we’ll need more.

For those waiting for all the episodes to come out before they buy this game, they are in for a treat. If anything I find it easy to recommend that you give in and just buy the season now. In the battle of Game of Thrones vs. Tales of the Borderlands I think Borderlands has won out for sheer entertainment value and Catch a Ride is definitely the best episode yet.

***** 5/5

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