22nd Jun2015

Back This! Special: The Inhabitants

by Phil Wheat


Independent filmmakers Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, screenwriters of John Carpenter’s The Ward, along with their producing partner international bestselling author Glenn Cooper are launching an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds needed for the delivery and marketing of their new supernatural horror thriller The Inhabitants.

The film revolves around a young couple that gets more than they bargained for when they purchase and renovate an old bed and breakfast in New England. A series of troubling events leads the husband to suspect that something terrible is hiding within the walls of this house, and whatever it is has set its sights on his wife.

The Inhabitants was filmed on location inside one of the oldest houses in New England which was home to the Salem Witch Trial children. The Noyes-Parris House (c. 1669) was owned by the infamous Rev. Samuel Parris from The Crucible. His daughter Betty Parris and niece Abigail Williams were the two girls who made the initial accusations that led to the tragic witch trials that took place in Salem, Massachusetts.

Those that back the campagin can choose from a wide array of fun rewards ranging from the standard t-shirt and DVD packages to one-of-a-kind items used in the film. Who wouldn’t want their very own Skeletal Infant, Tooth-Encrusted Charm, or Birthing Chair?

For more information, please visit The Inhabitants Indiegogo page: http://igg.me/at/inhabitants


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