14th May2015

Tom Holland’s ‘Twisted Tales’ gets UK release date!

by Phil Wheat

From the legendary horror director Tom Holland comes a new anthology series in the tradition of Fear Itself, Masters of Horror and The Twilight Zone: Twisted Tales! The perfect blend between terror and tongue-in-cheek humour, Twisted Tales is out on DVD and to own or rent digitally on 15th June, courtesy of Bulldog Film Distribution.

A new psychotic drug with the power to see into the future reveals a shocking, mind-melting fate for the characters of “Bite”, while Mongo The Magnificent (Ray Wise) comes face to face with horror with a mirror unlike any other. A Saw-like trap ticks throughout the intense “Boom” starring Noah Hathaway (The Never-Ending Story) and dire consequence are in store when you make a contract with a demon from Hell in “To Hell With You”.

Turn left at the next roundabout and face your doom as “Fred & his GPS” take a trip Fred (A J Bowen) will never forget. Or stay in and order yourself a pizza…from Hell in the hugely entertaining two parter “Pizza Guy” as the twisted tale “Shockwave” brings the classic Twilight Zone episode of Mulberry Street into the present with an apocalyptic nightmare you’ll never forget. Feast on the blood of the living in Tom Holland’s return to the vampire genre after Fright Night with “Vampire Night”, before you discover the twisted truth in “Cached”.

Check out the trailer and DVD cover for Twisted Tales below; and check back here closer to release day for our review!



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