14th May2015

‘Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


I must admit that I’m starting to like Italian crime series, especially with the likes of Gomorrah and the first season of Fog and Crimes.  Now that Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season has been released I’m able to continue the story of Police Chief Soneri (Luca Barbareschi) and his constant struggle to balance his life and work battle with crime.

In many ways Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season is more of the same, and this isn’t a bad thing.  With some of the highlights being a focus on murders there is some diversity including an investigation into child slavery and even the contentious issue of property confiscated from families during World War 2.  Most of all though we see Soneri’s continued romance with Angela Cornelio (Natasha Stefanenko).

What makes Soneri a good police man is that he is a workaholic and in this season we see the stress that this puts on his relationship with Angela, especially when she looks to start a family.  The fact that Soneri is also offered a promotion and transfer to Rome also puts even more tension between them.  The fact this all culminates in a season finale where she becomes part of the investigation shows why all of their problems have been introduced throughout the season, though I do admit that it become more annoying closer to the finale because of Soneri and his possessive nature.

The charm of Soneri is that he is a grumpy aging cop who tends to rub people the wrong way, that he does this so much to Angela in this season is aggravating to the audience especially when we sympathise with her more.  When he’s not being an ass though it is easier to sympathise with him, especially when we see the two sides of the conflict between the two.  The fact that both Luca Barbareschi and Natasha Stefanenko play their parts so well also makes the focus on their relationship in the season easier to handle, even if the audience at times is more interested in a resolution to the latest case.

With six feature-length episodes in Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season, the episodes aren’t really made to be binge watched, but they work as an enjoyable well-structured story that plays on the detective theme very well.  The stories are rarely boring, but for those who want a faster paced show full of action, this may not be the show of choice.  If you can handle the more sedate pace but featuring stories full of history and intrigue then this is perfect viewing.

Having enjoyed the first season Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season continues the same quality.  It is also a season that could easily be watched without watching previous episodes, though it would be better to watch the first if possible.  For people who want to see shows with more of a European style you can’t go wrong with Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season with its relaxed Italian flair.

****½  4.5/5

Fog and Crimes: The Complete Second Season is available on DVD now.

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