05th May2015

Interview: Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer talk ‘Lost Girl: Season 5’

by Kat Wheat


Let me ask you… Zoie, I’ll start with you, can you talk about what you want the show to be remembered for? Like, what you most want people to think about when they think of Lost Girl.

Zoie Palmer: Gosh, that’s a – it feels like a big question, because there’s you know as we come to the end, it feels like there’s so much. Everything comes rushing back to me you know. I think – well, no you know it was such a team, of both the characters and the cast you know. And I think there’s something about that that sticks with me you know having had a little bit of time away from the actual filming of it now. It’s just like the dynamic of the team, of everybody, and how those characters sort of interacted and moved through the five seasons and moved through the trials and tribulations of the show.

And – yes, I mean it might sound a little trite, but there’s something about that that I think – I hope that people are sort of left with, that sense of you know togetherness and helping each other out and that sort of thing.

Can you both talk a bit about the guest cast this season?

Anna Silk: Well, I don’t know how much we can discuss without giving too much away. We have some great guests there this season. You know the sort of big bag for this season continues to play on the theme of family, for Bo, certainly. And we’ve got some great actors that came on the show. Amanda Walsh, and Noam Jenkins, and Shanice Banton. And another one, but I don’t think I should mention, because it will give a little too much away.

But, yes, we have some great characters.

Zoie Palmer: Yes, we do.

Anna Silk: I feel like people have always come on Lost Girl, because the roles are so rich and colorful and out there. So people get to come on and really play. And this season was no exception to that.

Is there is any kind of memento from the show that you’re going to take with you, or be allowed to take with you, as a reminder of your time on the series?

Zoie Palmer: It’s funny, because if you had of asked me that question two years ago I would have said the necklace that Lauren wore when I first started the show. I wore that necklace every single day. And then you know sooner or later it went away. And I sort of – I always thought that it would be that.

But then as the show ended, because I hadn’t worn it in such a long time, I sort of felt – I don’t know. I didn’t have the same connection with it. But also, lovely fans have made that necklace and sent it to me. So I actually do have it in my – you know have it in my little drawer beside me. And I look at it every now and then. But that, for me, is like an integral part of Lauren, but I – it was always that.

Anna? You?

Anna Silk: Yes. Well, I did take some stuff.

Zoie Palmer: I think you took my stuff, because my trailer ….

Anna Silk: Yes, I took all your stuff. I ransacked your trailer.

Zoie Palmer: I thought something happened.

Anna Silk: No. I took a lot of Bo clothes, which they were so generous to let me have. But I also took Bo’s red kimono, because that was – that played in episode 8, season 1, which was our first – that was our original pilot. And that kimono sort of played really heavily in this big fight scene I did. And I just …..

Zoie Palmer: Yes.

Anna Silk: It was such a symbol of what I was in for in terms of the magnitude of playing Bo. So I’ve always loved that kimono. So I have that.

And I also have the thigh dagger that Lisa, who was part of our props team, designed for Bo. And it’s kind of a symbol of how strong she is. It was also cut specifically to emphasize curves. So it really kind of embodies the stuffiness and the kick-ass nature of Bo. So I have that as well.

Zoie Palmer: Yes.

Anna, what was one thing that you could change about playing Bo, the character, and why?

Anna Silk: One thing that I would change. Oh, my gosh. Well, I mean, what I liked about Bo so much, what I loved about her was just how – as strong as she was, she was continuously vulnerable and open and, sort of, always putting herself out there. And so I loved that part of her. I don’t know what I would change, honestly. It’s a good question, but it’s – I like that she was flawed. So, to change any of that would take away who she is. So I’d have to say, nothing. I would change nothing about her.

And my follow-up question is, if you could play any other character on the series, who would it be and why?

Anna Silk: I think it depends on the day and the scene. There’s so many great characters.

Zoie Palmer: I know. I think I would play them all at least once.

Anna Silk: Yes, exactly. OK, I’ll think of something that you know we have such a great cast, and all of the things that they got to do. Sometimes you watch and go, “Oh, that’s amazing. I’d love to do that.” But we all got so much – so many great things to do.

I don’t know. I always used to say Vex because he’s just so bad. But I kind of like Vex.

Zoie, what was the most fun time that you had on set? Like, was there any, like, behind the scenes things that you might want to share?

Zoie Palmer: It would be impossible for me to think of a very specific moment. But there were a lot you know. I mean, we spent every day of every season for five years together. And so there were so many moments off-set that we had.

You know there was a million – especially between Anna and I. We had 150 giggle fits a week, where we couldn’t stop laughing for some random reason or another, which no one else could quite understand. You know there was that. The heart-to-heart talks off-set about one thing or another in each other’s lives. And where we would be goofy, and sing. Or we would, like, it was a real family for five years. So there’s a million stories over that time, and that I’m beyond grateful for.

One more question for Zoie. I want to know, do you think ultimately the ending – since we’re just now getting the season premiere here in the U.S…..

Zoie Palmer: Right.

Do you think the fans are going to be happy with the ending to the show?

Zoie Palmer: I think some are going to be happy and some aren’t.

Oh. OK.

Zoie Palmer: Yes. I mean, yes. But I think that’s a good thing. I think that’s a really good thing. I think that some people are going to feel that you know exactly how they want – imagined it to be, is how it probably is. And some people you know – because everybody’s different. And Lost Girl isn’t wishy-washy, and it never has been. So I think people will appreciate that, however they feel about it.

A question for both of you. Going back, actually, a couple of years, the very first Syfy call we did, before the show had even premiered in the U.S., Anna, I think was you were commenting, because folks will ask you on a new show what’s it’s like, and there were comparisons to Buffy and True Blood when you were trying to explain it. So I’m curious, as we come into the final season for both of you, do you think those comparisons still hold? And if you were to have someone come up to you who’s never seen the show and ask you what it’s about, and why it’s special, what would you say?

Anna Silk: That is a really excellent question, because you’re right. The comparisons, I think, changed, because I feel like Lost Girl does really stand alone in terms of what the show is like you know. And as – (you were right), it’s kind of blazed its own trail. We deal with so many different things on the show. I feel like the similarities are there in terms of the fan base and the dedication of the fans. And, I mean, people loved Buffy and those shows for so many different reasons. And I feel like our fan base is so loyal to us, and recognize our uniqueness and really (gravitated) to that.

So, yes, I don’t think we have those comparisons any more. I feel like we’re Lost Girl, and we’re one of a kind.

Zoie Palmer: Hopefully somebody will come up with a show down the road that this is compared to. “You know it’s just like Lost Girl.”

Anna Silk: Yes.

Zoie Palmer: I’m very sorry to say, guys, that I have been called to set. So …

Anna Silk: No.

Zoie Palmer: I know. I very, very unfortunately have to go. And it’s a little bit heartbreaking because I want nothing more than to be on this call with you. But – so thank you for the questions I was able to answer thus far, and I will leave it to you, Anna, to your very capable …

Anna Silk: Yes. I will answer all your questions, Zoie.

Zoie Palmer: Thank you.

Anna Silk: Bye, Zoie. Bye-bye.

What else do you have coming up?

Anna Silk: What else we have coming up. Hmm. That is a good question.

I’m actually – I took a very deliberate break after Lost Girl. I felt like I needed a break creatively, just to kind of take it all in and take my time in terms of moving on to other projects. I also really wanted to have some time with my son that was really quality time. And so I’ve been really enjoying that, to be perfectly honest.

And I feel like Lost Girl was such a perfect fit, and it was the right time for that character and for me to meet. And I feel like I want to sort of wait and look at different projects. I’m certainly looking at different projects and reading a lot of great material and thinking about the next step. But I don’t really know, to be honest.

Going back to the end of Season 4, how much has Kenzi’s sacrifice impacted Bo?

Anna Silk: Oh, my gosh. A lot. I mean, we – you know Season 4 really leaves off – and Season 5 picks up where Season 4 left off. We kind of get right back into that final moment where Kenzi is gone.

And that sacrifice means a lot to Bo, but it’s also something Bo will not accept, as everyone knows about Bo. She’s not going to just, sort of, take that. So she’s really on a mission. And the season starts off with lots of energy and lots of drive to get Kenzi back. And that leads to a lot of – the first couple episodes are – it’s a two-part story. And they’re just really high energy, really, really – there’s a lot of push, and it’s a really great, great way to start our season.

There’s such you know an incredible chemistry between all of the cast on the show. What was it like for you guys emotionally, for you all to shoot that series finale?

Anna Silk: Oh. It was really hard. It was really hard and really wonderful at the same time. I feel like we all recognized what a unique place we were in and what a special time it was. And we didn’t want to focus on the fact that it was the end, but focus on the present moment that we were in. So we really embraced every single day together. We really – you know when you’re shooting a finale there’s more pressure, in a way, but it’s pressure we’re putting on ourselves to really finish our story the way we want to. And we just did.

We – you know the schedule – as you know when people film they don’t film in order of the episodes in terms of how they air, with the scenes, I mean. But we filmed our last scene of the whole series last, which was kind of special for us. And there was lots of tears and lots of laughter, and just walking away – there’s no greater gift than walking away from something feeling that you’re at your absolute best as a group, and as a story. And walking away feeling proud of that is something – you could never ask for more than that.

And we walked away with life-long friendships. We really – the chemistry people see on screen exists off-screen. So, it’s there, and it’s still there.

Now that the show’s over, do you have any plans to go to any conventions coming up?

Anna Silk: Oh, my gosh, that’s a really good question. I don’t have anything – I don’t have any specifics that I’m going to, but I know a lot of the cast has been doing them, and I definitely pay attention to what they’re doing. And I would like to join them at some point. But I don’t know when that will be.

‘d like to follow up on one of the points brought up a little earlier, talking about the Season 4 finale, and Kenzi’s sacrifice. I’m curious how far in advance you were aware of that, and also, kind of, how you as an actress had to kind of prepare for that you know obviously very emotional situation.

Anna Silk: For that last bit of Season 4, you mean?


Anna Silk: Yes. I mean, how far in advance did we know? We really only know you know – I would meet with our producers and Michelle Lovretta before every season to discuss the season and be, sort of, our (curve ball) for the season and what will be happening. But some things I like to know more in general terms, and some things I like to discovery as I read each script.

So I think I knew about – I think I only really knew about – well, Hale, first of all. I mean, I knew maybe two episodes before it happened. And then Kenzi, I knew maybe one or two episodes before as well. They didn’t know too much in advance. So, yes, it was a really emotional scene. And there was a lot of energy in the room and it was really pretty overwhelming, for sure.

They were really important scenes you know. It says a lot about their friendship and about the bond they have, and just how much someone would be willing to sacrifice for the other. I think Bo and Kenzi would sacrifice anything for each other. So it was a really nice moment, to solidify that friendship even more, in a way.

Overall, is there anything, just, with your whole journey on the show – what’s one thing that’s kind of surprised you about where the show’s gone from the beginning? Anything either that Bo did or just in general?

Anna Silk: Well you know I think when our show started, particularly in our first season, we were very much – we were just introducing these characters and learning about them, but we very much had a case of the week. Every episode we had a new case to deal with. And that was a great way to have Bo learn about the Fae world, and have the audience learn about the Fae world. So we were a little bit more formulaic in terms of how we told that story.

And that changed as the series went on. We got a little more serialized, and the stories became a little – you know going – delving further into people’s feelings and love lives and their relationships with each other became more of the focus which I think was a little bit you know better. But, I mean, that’s how it evolved.

And it was a better story to tell, for the actors, and a better story to watch, for the audience, I think. So, and none of that surprised me. It’s just – I’m glad we took you know one convention in Season 1 of learning about each Fae every week, to something a little more serialized.


Anna Silk: I think that was a great evolution for the show.

Is there a certain part of the mythology that’s been your favorite?

Anna Silk: I love fairy folklore and fairy mythology. I mean, I think I’ve spoken about it in the press before. I had a book as a child that was called Faeries you know f-a-e-r-i-e-s. And it was – had these incredible images that were really – some of them were very dark and sinister. But I was very fascinated with these fairies, and would look at the pictures a lot and imagine that these fairies were real and that they were in my garden.

I really – I had a big imagination when it came to that kind of folklore, which is very interesting that I ended up being on a show about that. But I – yes, I just was always drawn to that kind of fantasy world.

I know you can’t really reveal too much about what to expect for Season 5, but is there a particular moment that you’re eager for the fans to see?

Anna Silk: There are several moments that I’m eager for the fans to see. You know we actually air – we have aired the first eight in Canada as, probably, many people know. So it’s been interesting to watch fan reaction from certain things.

Yes. You know because this season is our last, we have to kind of push the story a little bit and you know for lack of better words, wrap-up certain things and explore things a little more deeply to kind of get some answers. So there’s a lot that happens this season that’s really intense and interesting to watch. But Lost Girl has always been about making bold choices. So that is no different in Season 5.

And then there’s a lot of really fun things that we just did. I know I’ve spoken about it before. You know I had a meeting early on, just before Season 5 started, about – Michael Grassi who was our new (show runner) this year, asked you know is there other things that you want to do this season?

And I sort of listed off some things that were more fun and playful. And he put every single thing I said into a script, which was amazing. So one thing I’m excited for people to see is a particular homage to another strong female character of days past, and it was really fun to shoot.

Obviously, with a show like this, as you know you folks have brought up many different type of Fae and many different types of odd story lines. I’m wondering if you had a favorite one, maybe that you saw in the script and even you laughed out loud about, or thought – you didn’t think the show was crazy enough to go there.

Anna Silk: Well, I think our show is crazy enough to go pretty much everywhere. You know I’m just trying to think of – I mean, there were so many. There were so many, and so many great actors coming on the show. It was just people that would just come and do one day, one scene, and they’re memorable.

I know we had a guy in – I think it was Season 2, who had one eye and he had to kiss Kenzi. That’s all I really remember about it, but he was so funny, and so good. People just bring a lot to the table.

I’m trying to think of one story line. You know I think the more shocking things were in Season 1, in terms of learning every week about a new Fae. I remember the woman who ate foot soup and then got sick. And then Kenzi eats the foot soup. That was a fun one to do. I mean, we just – we weren’t really shocked by anything after a while.

It’s such a huge playing field in terms of possibilities, so, yes, we just set – yes. No shocking – nothing shocking. Just fun. Just a lot of fun.

Season 5 of Lost Girl is currently showing on Syfy (US) on Friday nights at 10pm.


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