22nd Apr2015

‘Bloodsports.TV’ Review (PC)

by Paul Metcalf


I’ll admit that I’m not the most sociable of gamer, I’d rather play solo and concentrate on my own game, building up progress and enjoying things at my own pace.  There are games that push for co-operative play and create addictive chaos to push unsociable people like me into playing with friends.  Bloodsports.TV is one of these, a tower defense style game with plenty of character and even more blood.

The premise of the game is simple, stick the players in a missile silo with the rocket ready to be aimed at the population of some random village.  In order to stop this from happening the villagers are siphoned into the silo and allowed to attack the missile, with the only thing in their way your team of fighters and a few towers offering a little help along the way, the battle is on to see who the victor will be.

The fighters you can select are from a nice selection with abilities that you come to expect from a game like this.  There are fighters who like close combat mêlée battles and are given weaponry to give the added edge for that style of combat.  Other fighters include ranged attackers with lots of toys to bring to the battle.  As the players progress through the game these characters level up and are given more power to take into the fight and give you the edge.

Solo play is possible and to an extent can be fun, with the game balancing the level of enemies so that the game is still a challenge but not too much, it never gets annoying.  When more players are added into the fray though the game becomes more fun, with the ability to plan where each player should defend based on their strength and abilities. When it comes to the enemies the waves that appear don’t get boring, though after a few attempts the enemies do tend to get fairly repetitive, though learning these enemies and their traits is useful when creating a strategy for battle.

The enemies progressively get bigger and more challenging until the champion appears, they are as expected the most challenging and must be taken down before they destroy the missile.  When each game is started the number of waves can be set to extend the game, and levels can be selected, each posing their own level of difficulty.  Depending on what type of game the players are looking for different options can be set, with an eye on making the gameplay be more fun.

The look of the game could be compared to Borderlands at first glance, in fact the game is described as a cel-shaded Gladiator-style arena game and the post-apocalyptic look of the game would fit just right in on Pandora.  This is where the comparisons end though, with Bloodsports.TV having a different sense of humour from Borderlands and having less of a story to it.  Not that the violence on show really needs a story, this is all about destroying everything in your path and making sure the missile survives so it can be launched and destruction wrought upon some innocent villagers.

Bloodsports.TV is a game that has been designed for co-operative play, when set to one player there is something missing, and that is the fun of having friends caught in the same chaos as you.  As long as you have a few friends to play the game with then Bloodsports.TV a fun game, and if you really want to play it alone you can…but you have been warned that it is aimed at co-operative play.

**** 4/5

Bloodsports.TV is out now on PC.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek

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