19th Apr2015

‘Road to Paloma’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Jason Momoa, Robert Homer Mollohan, Lisa Bonet, Linden Chiles, Lance Henriksen, Timothy V. Murphy, Michael Raymond-James, Sarah Shahi, Wes Studi, Steeve Reevis, Kelly Noonan, Chris Browning | Written by Jason Momoa, Robert Homer Mollohan | Directed by Jason Momoa


Robert Wolf (Momoa) is a Native American who is on the run from the authorities after exacting revenge on the gang who brutally attacked and murdered his mother. While travelling across the US on his motorbike, he meets Cash, an itinerant musician and the pair become unlikely pals. As they head off across the Wild West on Wolf’s chopper, deep secrets are revealed as Wolf searches to find redemption.

Road to Paloma is very much a traditional “life on the open road” style of movie, Momoa’s character is constantly on the move, getting into situations and relationships both good and bad. However Momoa, as writer, also weaves a clash of cultures vibe into his story – as Wolf, a Native American, balances his rich heritage with the brash American characters and culture he, and his people, are now a part of.

This being a road movie, lead character Robert Wolf is, of course, your typical bad-ass biker cliche. Only there’s a little extra depth to the character thanks to his heritage and extra charisma thanks to Momoa’s prescence and performance. There’s also a very old-school air about Wolf – he believes in justice, be it of the legal or rough “eye-for-an-eye” kind, which is the reason he is in the situation we find him in!

Credit must also go to co-writer and co-star Robert Homer Mollohan who, as nomadic musician (and all-around angry man) Cash, is the perfect foil for Momoa’s more introverted biker. It seems odd to say it, but – comparing this film to one of the greatest biker movies of all time, Easy Rider, Cash is the Billy (Dennis Hopper) to Wolf’s Wyatt (Peter Fonda).

Jason Momoa has seemingly taken his career into his own hands with Road to Paloma, not only does he star in the movie, he also wrote, directed and produced the film- which is not only a traditional road movie but is also partially a diatribe on the treatment of Native American’s in modern American and the injustice’s they can often face…

With a surprisingly powerful ending, Road to Paloma is out now on DVD from Anchor Bay.

2 Responses to “‘Road to Paloma’ DVD Review”

  • Judith Williams aka tink82x

    This film was a long time coming, but when i first saw it i cried from beginning to end, the actors were awesome, i forgot who was what and was dragged into the story and wanted to fight , drink and laugh with them.I’m not very good at reviews, cos i just say AWESOME, but this is, so buy it, watch it and cry along with them , you all did a great job thank youx

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