15th Apr2015

Review: Schleich Justice League Figurines – Batman vs The Joker

by Phil Wheat

Available now from toymaker Schleich, each 10.5 cm figure is expertly recreated in a classic pose that captures the strength and movement of the character. Batman and Superman lead the way with three versions of each to choose from; kneeling, standing and ready to fight. Added to the superheroes in this launch collection are Green Lantern and The Flash. The Flash is known to be the fastest man alive and his speed and agility is there to be seen. The Green Lantern stands tall, ready to use his force fields and weaponry that are emitted from his precious ring; one of the most powerful weapons on earth.

At just £7.99 each of the Justice League hero figures are incredible value for money for such detailed quality and will be a must for any collector. But that’s not all… Every superhero has a nemesis right? Well two of the most famous archenemies of all also join their crime fighting counterpart in classic and much sought after scenery packs. Batman Vs The Joker and Superman Vs Darkseid, are the first to collect at just £15.99

Check out the full range of Justice League figurines on Schleichs website


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