07th Apr2015

‘Champagne for Breakfast’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido


Leslie Bovee (Maraschino Cherry) stars as Champagne, a young, attractive and majorly successful advertising executive and vice president of her fathers cosmetic company. She’s on the search for a new chauffeur. Thankfully, she may be in luck. Enter Harry ((he’ll be doing that a lot), a simple everyday Joe, played by John Leslie (Dracula Sucks). Harry works as a small time chauffeur, but also applies to be a bouncer at a strip joint. Even though he makes a GREAT first impression with his new potential employer and her friend, John puts professionalism before leisure and pleas to his employment agent Gladys Whitmore, played by Kay Parker (Untamed), that his job provides him with too many horny women! Unfortunately for him, Gladys is also a bit of a ‘freak’. Sick of it all, Harry hears of Champagne’s search and does what any sensible person would do. Yes, you guessed it! Pretend to be gay to secure the job! It obviously works (take notes everyone!) and he’s given the job. Straight away he’s tasked with driving her to a local bar for a little pick-me-up. Aside from driving her from sexual liaison to sexual liaison, he also takes the role of being her bouncer, masseur and all round gay BFF. Of course, being so hands on with the lovely Champagne leads Harry to develop some strong feelings and sexual urges of his own. Can Harry keep up with his ‘professional’ work ethos? Will he get found out? What capers will he and Champagne get in to on the way? You’re going to have to get yourself comfortable, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and find out for yourself. You Devil you!

Overall, Champagne for Breakfast is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of comedic porno chic. Chris Warfield (Sexworld) has crafted a genuinely stylish and funny film. This comes as no surprise as the film has an intelligent and witty script penned by John Hayes (Baby Rosemary), as well as great performances from both Leslie and Bovee. Leslie’s portrayal of a gay character is never over the top or a misfired caraicature. He is instantly likeable and you are happy to follow his story. Bovee’s Champagne is a strong minded woman who is elegant and has an innocence that makes her steal nearly every scene that she is in. Credit also has to go to the supporting cast. The likes of Kay Parker, Bonnie Holiday (Fantasies), Paul Thomas (Pretty Peaches) and Sharon Kane (Babylon Blue), to name just a few, all put in great performances (no matter how big or small) and make this a star-studded event. Not only that, but Elton Fuller’s (Purely Physical) cinematography and the overall art direction from Vincent Earle (The Ribald Tales of Canterbury) and related crew make this a very aesthetically pleasing piece of film. There is also a great use of both interior and exterior locations. These stylish aesthetic touches, as well as the theme tune from Jack Stern (C.H.O.M.P.S) and the library music score make this film really stand out.

If you want comedy in a porno setting that genuinely works, this film delivers. It’s witty when it needs to be, just as it’s slapstick when it needs to be. There’s also a great segment of dark humour involving Paul Thomas that will have smiling from cheek to cheek (You sicko! You know who you are!). Naturally, with cast that this film has, the sex is of the highest quality and very varied. Champagne gets involved with a group of rent boys, a builder and of course a female friend. There’s also some good action for Harry involving a car wash with a difference. With a runtime of around 102 minutes, there’s thankfully a great balance of high quality smut and genuine story. This is a very stylish, funny and satisfying film that would go great as a double feature with the likes of Maraschino Cherry or Barbara Broadcast.

Champagne For Breakfast is presented in the original aspect ratio and has been restored in 2k from the original 35mm negative. It’s safe to say that the film looks and sounds great. It’s definitely an upgrade from Alpha Blue’s Kay Parker Double Feature DVD (as if that would be a surprise!). In terms of special features you get both hard and soft trailers as well scenes from the soft version of the film. If you are a fan of this film, this is an essential upgrade to say the least. If you are looking to get in to the world of porno chic, this is also an essential release as the film stands up with the best of them. I have to raise a glass (I HAD to include another pun) to Vinegar Syndrome for this release. A beautiful restoration job of a genuine gem of a film. Go out and buy this one as soon as you can!

Champagne for Breakfast is available directly from Vinegar Syndrome here and most of your favourite online retailers.


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