06th Mar2015

‘Doctor Who: 10th Doctor Vol. 1 – Revolutions Of Terror’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Written by Nick Abadzis | Art by Elena Casagrande | Colorist: Arianna Florean | Published by Titan Comics | Format: HC, 128pp


Two strangers: the Doctor, charming, eccentric Time Lord with a past dark and heavy as a black hole; Gabriella Gonzalez waitress and wannabe artist with a future dragging her down like lead chains. Hurled together by a wave of psychic horror haunting New York, they embark on an epic new adventure across space and time.

OK everyone, let’s all sing the Doctor Who Theme tune. Ready? Oooooh weeee ohhhhhhhhh….. No? I guess it doesn’t really work in written form, but I won’t lie when I was given a Doctor Who comic to review my inner Whovian did a little dance. This isn’t one comic either, this a collection of five comics so we get two complete stories of the Tenth Doctor and his latest companion Gabby from New York. Allons-y!

If you’re a fan of Ten – some Whovians claim he was the best doctor but I will leave that argument up to you – then this is definitely a collection of comics you will want to pick up. Set after Donna and the Doctor part ways, the Doctor is alone once again and manages to stumble into another adventure in his very Doctor-y way. Luckily for us, Nick Abadzis has captured Ten’s mannerisms and quirks perfectly when writing this collection. This is further supported by the art of Elena Casagrande and Arianna Florean who deliver the fast paced and exciting alien action straight into our eyes! (That sounds a bit painful, but I promise you, it isn’t). The new companion can hold her own as well, with a fleshed out story before she even meets the Doctor, she fits in just as nicely as Donna, Rose or Martha ever did but with her own twist, staying strong against the dangers of universe.

What this comic delivers is a new Tenth Doctor adventure, complete with nods towards the series including machines that go ding and how sorry the Doctor is. If you’re looking at me with confused eyes now and are new to the Doctor Who Universe, I wouldn’t reject this comic entirely. It gives enough back story and brand new excitement to work as a stand alone piece, and you never know, you might just enjoy it.

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, and especially Ten, I would definitely recommend this collection. It’s fun, it’s alien-y and it is everything a Doctor Who fan would ask for. However, if you like your Doctor a bit more Eleven, check out my review for that comic collection here!

Doctor Who: 10th Doctor Vol. 1 – Revolutions Of Terror is released on Wednesday March 25th courtesy of Titan Comics.

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