28th Feb2015

‘Bandai SpruKits: HALO Spartan’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Bandai’s SpruKits lets you build your favorite hero from the spru up. Build a highly detailed figure with true to life action hero movement and articulation without paint, glue or cutting. Experience the joy of building as you snap together and assemble the pieces to build your hero, and have the pride that comes with being able to say “I built that.”

Born on Earth, Gabriel Thorne enlisted in the UNSC Army at a young age. Having lost friends and family during the Didact’s assault on New Phoenix, Thorne was prompted to join the new SPARTAN-IV program which enlisted adult volunteers for augmentation to wear MJOLNIR [GEN2] armor. After being assigned to Fireteam Majestic, Thorne was deployed to the mysterious Forerunner world Requiem in the UNSC’s effort to research it and acquire Forerunner technology.

  • Piece Count: 110
  • Height: 5 inches tall
  • Poseability: Natural range of motion
  • Ages 8+

Brand: Halo Universe
Level: 2
More info: http://sprukits.bandai.com/


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