25th Feb2015

‘Mother’s Day’ Blu-ray Review (88 Films)

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Tiana Pierce, Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Frederick Coffin, Michael McCleery, Beatrice Pons, Robert Collins, Peter Fox, Marsella Davidson, Kevin Lowe | Written by Charles Kaufman, Warren Leight | Directed by Charles Kaufman


When three young women take a trip into the country to get away from the hectic city life they find themselves taking a wrong turn straight into the hands of a strange family run by Mother (Beatrice Pons).  Keeping the women captive Mother instructs her sons Ike (Fredrick Coffin) and Addley (Michael McCleery) to practice situations for her to criticise wherein they attack their victims for her amusement.  When the girls escape though and decide to get revenge, mother soon finds the tables are turned against her.

Mother’s Day is interesting, especially with its connection to Troma.  Directed by Charles Kaufman the brother of Lloyd there is a recognisable Troma style on display, but less hectic and if anything somewhat more mature.  Mother’s Day has a more realistic feel to its violence and in many ways feels more based in reality, even if the thought of a family like this actually existing is a scary concept.  There is also hints of a move towards feminism within the movie with the way the women fight back, and this is confirmed in the commentary but in all honesty the victimisation of the women before they gain their revenge pretty much insures the fact that this won’t be celebrated as a movie fighting for the equality of the sexes.

As a horror fan it is easy to love what Mother’s Day does.  There is a controlled chaos to the film where we see Ike and Addley and the control Mother has over them, this is created early on in the movie in scenes where Mother’s character is set up flawlessly.  Hidden out in the middle of nowhere with her family she trains her boys up to be able to survive in the big city.  This tuition may be twisted and aimed at a life of crime, but there is almost an Oliver Twist feel to the scenes where Mother in her Fagin like ways treats the boys like the street kids being trained to be sent out onto the streets to make some money for the family.  The fact that the three women they capture bring the city to Mother’s fragile little world shows how insane she really is and how unprepared her boys truly are.

Mother’s Day is a fun film and although understated there is a definite Troma feel to it that will catch any fans attention (and they will love it for that reason).  Out of all the 88 Films Slasher Classic Collection releases so far this is by far the standout Blu-ray and the one that deserves the most attention.  A horror that truly stands out against the crowd, Mother’s Day is most definitely a must see classic of the genre.

Mother’s Day is available on Blu-ray in the UK now.

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