19th Feb2015

The Top 40 SNL Skits for SNL’s 40th Anniversary

by Catherina Gioino

SNL. Saturday Night Live. The place where comedy and comedians make it. Just like the city it quintessentially represents, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

And we have forty years to look at. As you might have seen, SNL is turning forty this weekend, and what better way to celebrate than to get the whole gang back together and make it a night that will go down in the history books? Anyone who’s anyone is going to the reunion (well, that is anyone besides Eddie Murphy of course) and it’s sure to bring back everything that made the show what it is today.

So here we look at some of the best sketches that has ever graced our eyes thanks to Lorne Michael’s marvelous show filler for Johnny Carson. (That’s right- the whole reason the show exists is because Carson wanted some vacation time). So in no particular order we present some of SNL’s most famous sketches.

1. Down by the River
Combine David Spade and guest host Christina Applegate as a brother sister duo and bring in motivational speaker Chris Farley, and you have comic genius. Farley, in classic Farleyism, yells and loses his cool- and balance- as he tries to motivate these kids. And yet he has no luck, since, well, he lives in a van down by the river.

2. Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Address the Nation
So you’re saying that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aren’t actually stand ins for the real Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton? I mean, if bitches get stuff done, what can’t they do?

3. Debbie Downer: Disney World
All of the Debbie Downer sketches are funny, but this one features the unsurprisingly laughing Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz. Now if that doesn’t seem like Disney World is the best place to be, I don’t know what is.

4. Dick in a Box
You’ve definitely heard of it before, let alone memorized the words and sang it constantly. And you weren’t the least bit surprised when you got it for Christmas.

5. Coneheads
Again, all the Conehead sketches are funny to choose from, especially Conehead Family Feud. But with Steve Martin and the Coneheads at home, nothing can go wrong. . .. hopefully.

6. Two Wild and Crazy Guys
Because we just established that Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd are comedic geniuses. So multiply by two and you get a whole lotta laughs.

7. Choppin’ Broccoli
Almost like the precursor to Kat and Garth, Dana Carvey hilariously makes up Choppin Broccoli on the spot. I personally lose it when the camera focuses on Phil Hartman taking it seriously and pondering what a great musician Carvey is.

8. White Like Me
Eddie Murphy magically shines discovering life as a white person and enjoying free perks, like getting newspapers for free and partying in a bus.

9. More Cowbell
Of course you’ve heard this line before. And of course it was stated by Christopher Walken, obviously being the best speaker this world have ever come to know (sorry Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, but . . . until you. . . can pause with. . . such excellence. ..  you have nothing. . .on Walken.

10. Consumer Probe
So you wanna buy a bag of glass you say? Why wouldn’t you? This SNL skit is one of the classics, and while I won’t count “Weekend Update” as a sketch (cue the “Jane, you ignorant slut”), it’s a great sketch that just keeps on bringing laughs.

11. Mary Katherine Gallegher
Molly Shannon just tells us why we loved Catholic school as a kid and why those clumsy kids were always so excited.

12. Chippendale’s Audition
Two great late entertainers, Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley, both try to audition for the male strip club Chippendales. Boom. Done. No other explanation.

13. King Tut
Plenty of you saw the 40th Anniversary Sunday so you were probably wondering what was so great about Steve Martin wearing a King Tut outfit while Beyonce (Maya Rudolph) and Martin Short (Martin Short) talk about songs and performances in the show’s run. So here’s the original, hilarious sketch.

14. The Ladies’ Man
You probably didn’t see the movie, but you’ve at least heard of the sketch. And assuming you know the least bit of the late 1990s history in government, you know who Monica Lewinsky is. Need I say any more?

15. NPR’s Delicious Dish: Schweddy Balls
Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin have this ongoing rivalry over who gets to host the show the most (Martin ranking in 15 times, Baldwin at 16). So having Baldwin’s probably most famous skit be this one is a huge jump over Steve. I mean. .the innuendos are delicious.

16. Super Bass-O-Matic ’76
Well you’ve seen the almost four hour show Sunday, and you’ve seen a now older and . . .er uh . .. bigger Dan Aykroyd putting bass in a blender. It wasn’t as funny now as it was then but it remains a classic.

17. The Roxbury Guys
A Night at The Roxbury Orginal Version – Jim… by Eklecty-City. Night at the Roxbury. No other explanation needed.

18. Any Celebrity Jeopardy
Oh this is a classic. We all love classics. And nothing’s funnier than seeing Darrell Hammond and Norm Macdonald dig on Will Farrell.

19. Bill Clinton in McDonalds
Going back to the 90s, Clinton was the cool president who played the sax and then some. He also went running.

20. The Church Chat
Well isn’t that special?

21. Hanz and Franz
Now more than ever with those commercials you need to watch the original sketches.

22. Wayne’s World
Wayne’s World is arguably the best SNL sketch inspired movie, with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reprising it during the anniversary.

23. Buh Bye Guy
David Spade’s most well-known sketch (leaving aside Down by the River which belongs to Farley), he’s just…well a total bastard.

24. Colonel Angus
The Great Walken strikes again! I mean how many innuendos will go by until you get it?

25. Betty White’s Muffins
As if Colonel Angus wasn’t enough to give off some innuendoes, we have the Delicious Dish back for Betty White’s muffins. Betty White’s Bluffin Muffin on Vimeo.

26. Cork Soaking
Because word play is the best kind of play.

27. Mr. Peepers
Mr. Peepers was a recurring sketch that had people involved from Jennifer Aniston to Kevin Spacey. Well this one is his father, it’s twice as funny.

28. The Blues Brothers
Alright I take it back, it’s between Wayne’s World and The Blues Brothers. There aren’t as many skits from the show about the bros, but you can sure watch the movie.

29. The Lawrence Welk Show: Summer
Kirsten Wiig is amazing. Didn’t I mention that Kirsten Wiig is amazing? Now let’s prove that.

30. Samurai Delicatessen
John Belushi had his fans and sometimes didn’t. But we can all agree this was hilarious.

31. Garth & Kat: Christmas
Well all of them are funny so you can pick your pick, but Garth and Kat are just trying to think of a good song to sing in a limited amount of time.

32. Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet
Tracy Morgan is always hilarious, and what better way than to see his sketch that made him famous.

33. Jeffrey’s
Everyone loves seeing the actors break character (well, besides Lorne) and this is probably one of the favorites from Fallon and Sanz.

34. The Nerds: Broken Fridge
Bill Murray and Gilda Radner just shine as nerds (and they were dating at the time), and this recurring sketch is great, but the fridge sketch is probably the best.

35. Mom Jeans
Oh this doesn’t need anything. Just watch and laugh at your mom.

36. The French Chef
Because Dan Aykroyd shines in the kitchen.

37. Centaur Job Interview
Walken strikes again interviewing a centaur and trying to be politically correct.

38. Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood: X-Mas
Eddie Murphy is just hilarious in all of these Mr. Robinson sketches. So watch the best one.

39. Chronicles of Narnia (Lazy Sunday)
All of Sandburg’s/Lonely Island sketches are great so just watch one that was filmed in my hometown.

40. Hot Tub Lovers
Because Rachel Dratch and Will Farrell can’t stop laughing and it’s great to see them (ie, not Fallon or Sanz) cracking up.


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