13th Feb2015

From your pocket to the Big Screen

by Guest

Everyone knows that when you play the National Lottery, some of the money go to helping good causes… But did you know that lottery funding goes in to a huge variety of projects, including some great British blockbusters which have gone on to become household names AND Oscar winners, and has allowed young and talented people to gain a foothold in the film industry?

Lottery funding began in 1994 and more than £460M in funding has been awarded to the British Film Industry (BFI). Since that time 13,366 grants have been awarded to UK film projects, from the funding of well-known blockbusters to helping young aspiring film-makers – including funding 2,377 places at BFI Film Academy. Plus the First Light funding programme has helped over 40,000 young people to write, act, shoot, light, direct, construct and produce over 1000 films and media projects.

Astonishgly, 19 lottery-funded films have between them won 32 BAFTAs and have won 14 Oscars. The King’s Speech received just over £1 million of Lottery funding; and the film became the most successful independent British film ever at the UK box office, grossing more than £45 million. All of the money earned was re-invested into making more British films, creating jobs and supporting UK businesses

Check out the cool video and infographic below to find out more about where you’re lottery money goes and the great work that Camelot, and the BFI, are doing…


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