07th Feb2015

‘The House of Him’ to make UK VOD debut

by Phil Wheat

The HorrorShow.TV, the UK’s home of horror on demand, have announced the release of Robert Florence’s thought-provoking horror film The House of Him.

In this surreal and claustrophobic horror chamber piece, a misogynistic masked killer (Richard Rankin) prepares for the routine slaying of Anna (Louise Stewart), his 27th victim, in the comfort of his own home. As Anna struggles to break out of the role she’s been forced to play by “Him”, the dead women behind the walls play a last desperate card.

This startling and unique film was made for less than £1,000 and shot over 16 days in Glasgow, and first premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival, where it garnered some impressive reviews – The House of Him debuts on The HorrorShow.TV on Monday February 9th.



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