06th Feb2015

The Best Valentine’s Gifts for Book-Lovers

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If your partner is a committed bibliophile (or lover of books, in everyday parlance) you may often find your company shunned as they escape from the real world to embark on flights of fantasy that are as unique and diverse and the minds of the authors they most enjoy.

Literature has often turned its attention to the affairs of the human heart, and as such is a natural bedfellow to Valentine’s Day, the day of the year we set aside as a celebration of everything that is romantic in our lives. So why not combine the two and seek out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will thrill the bookworm in your life.

Upgrade their reading experience

Many avid book readers will own an e-reader, but if the special person in your life doesn’t, then you have the chance to dazzle them with a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise.

The marketplace is crowded with a dizzying range of options to choose from. Some are devices dedicated solely to the pursuit of literature like the Amazon Kindle range or Barnes and Nobles Nook. The unique selling point of these devices is their use of a screen without backlighting, that resembles the contrast of ink of a page for the closest experience to reading an actual book. This makes for easier reading in bright sunlight, and is generally kinder to for the eyes.

Most tablets like Apple’s iPad or Google’s Nexus 9 will also work well as a book reader with a suitable app installed. Popular reading apps for these devices include Marvin, Kindle, & Kobo. Perhaps your partner would appreciate an upgrade from the current app they are using to sleeker more refined experience?

A special cover for their gadget is also a great option. These are available in in custom designs and can be made in the style of an existing book or to your own specifications. Great for providing the feel and look of a real book whilst using a thoroughly modern book reader.

Step into pages of their favourite novel

If your better half is a lover of the classics, then you’re in luck as a great many historical locations are within easy reach of a romantic weekend away. Take a trip into the pages of Jane Austin with a visit to her birthplace in Bath, or head to the Yorkshire moors for some windswept passion in the spirit of Emily Brontë. There’s quite an industry around this type of literary tourism and recently large attractions dedicated to some of our favourite stories have opened for business. For example, if your loved one is a fan of Harry Potter, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour regularly receives rave reviews.

Books turned into art

Makers of jewellery, fashion and furniture often look to books and their iconic cover art as a source of inspiration. Designers have turned their creativity into a treasure trove of book inspired designs that will make a perfect valentines gift like these book earrings or this quote themed pendant.

All of these ideas are a great opportunity to show that you care about your partners passions and should go a long way towards creating the romantic mood that Valentine’s Day is all about.

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