03rd Feb2015

First trailer for Howard J. Ford’s ‘Never Let Go’

by Phil Wheat

As promised back in early December when we broke news on the film entering post-production, the first trailer for Howard J Ford’s (Director/Producer Co-Writer of The Dead 1 & 2) latest film, the child abduction thriller Never Let Go, has landed – just in time for the Berlin Film Festival!

Shot in Morocco, Spain and the US, Never Let Go tells the story of Lisa, a single mother played by Angela Dixon, who takes the law into her own hands to get back her abducted child. Also starring is Bafta award winning actress Lisa Eichhorn; along with Rami Nasr, Nigel Whitmey, Velibor Topic, Heather Peace, Sarah Perles, Michael Xavier, and Samantha Bolter.

Announcing the trailer debut, Howard Ford adds:

Having nearly lost my own child whilst on holiday in Malta, I have experienced briefly first hand that feeling of all-encompassing dread as you fear the absolute worst. I became intrigued by this overpowering state that I was in where I would have done absolutely anything morally right or wrong to get back my son and wanted to try and capture that feeling on film. Also, women can endure things physically and mentally that us men could never go through and I wanted to explore this inner strength surfacing and the most impossible of situations.


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