31st Jan2015

TFF 2014: ‘Loitering With Intent’ Interviews

by Catherina Gioino

Pulitzer Prize finalist and well known playwright Adam Rapp has just directed a film he didn’t write. While many people do this all the time, Rapp has always directed his own work, from Red Light Winter which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist to even Winter Passing and In Treatment.

Loitering With Intent, although directed by Rapp, is written by Ivan Martin (who previously worked with Rapp on Winter Passing) and Michael Godere, with both acting within the film as lead characters Raphael and Dominic respectively. In addition to the writing/acting duo, Marissa Tomei stars as Gigi, Dominic’s sister, with Sam Rockwell playing Wayne, Gigi’s boyfriend, and Gigi’s friend Ava is played by Isabelle McNally.

The plot centers on aspiring screenwriters Dominic and Raphael who have been given the chance of a lifetime to work with a film producer willing to give them a shot. They decide to run to upstate New York to avoid all distractions as they get down to brainstorming their script, only to be further diverted by Gigi and her troubles with Wayne. But as much as their efforts are applauded, it’s not enough as more guests arrive and more problems come their way.

The two writers have ten days to write the script in order to gain the $300,000 promised by the producer, who, in reality, is looking for tax credits. Once they arrive at the upstate home, they see Gigi drunkenly walk in after having a fight with Wayne, who follows behind, and they are both distracted by Ava, causing many distractions for Raphael especially. Brian Geraghty adds some more laughs into the mix by starring as Devon, Wayne’s brother, who is a reality show star and friends with Jerry Bruckheimer. Raphael is further irritated by this and only drives himself further into turmoil caused by irritation by those around him.

Check out our interviews with Adam Rapp and Isabelle McNally at the Loitering With Intent premiere at Tribeca. Then watch the trailer below.

Adam Rapp:

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Loitering With Intent Trailer:


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