31st Jan2015

TFF 2014: ‘Intramural’ Interviews

by Catherina Gioino

Can there be anything funnier than seeing Clint Howard make fun of your “yutes” word choice? Well save of course for the obvious My Cousin Vinny judge, I think not.

But that’s not why I gathered you here today. Bradley Jackson’s brilliantly bored mind is why we’re here.

Intramural is a sports comedy written by Jackson in his sophomore year of college about a boy named Caleb (played by Jake Lacey) who is a fifth year college senior in denial about life after school. In his efforts to relive his college career as freshman intramural football champion, he tries to reunite the team, even after his friend Grant Rosenfalis (Nick Kocher) became paralyzed since the last time they played.

Andrew Disney directs this comedy, which stars Lacey and Kocher in addition to Nikki Reed, Nick Rutherford, Gabriel Luna, Brian McElhaney and SNL members Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett and Jay Pharoah. The film hilariously uses every overdone and cliché sports-related film and makes it a film you can’t stop laughing from, even when you saw it three weeks ago. Jackson wrote the screenplay while the University of Texas where he heard his friends boast of their intramural sports teams, and so he contacted Disney (whose films he admired) and they funded the film through a Kickstarter campaign.

Watch our interviews below with Clint Howard, Beck Bennett, Nick Kocher and more, who all have thoughts on Indie films and working in a comedic setting as well as improvising most of the time. You can also check out the trailer of Intramural which is a definite must watch comedy. . . that might just rival Blazing Saddles. 

Clint Howard:

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Intramural trailer:


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