30th Jan2015

Top 5: Phones to look forward to in 2015

by Kat Wheat

Sony Xperia Z4


This year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress event will be attracting thousands and thousands of investors, technology enthusiasts, experts and more when it opens its doors for the 4 day event running from the 2nd to the 5th March. And for mobile phone fans it should have been a chance to cast their eyes and fingers over the new Sony Xperia Z4. Unfortunately the company have just announced that they will in fact not be bringing the anticipated Z4 to the event set to be held in Barcelona in early March

Sony are reportedly holding it back until the Summer time to allow their Z3 model to gain a little more attention. It could, however, have something to do with the recent much publicised Sony leak. According to the leak the news was that the handset was set to be tied in to the forthcoming release of Sam Mendes’ new James Bond sequel ‘Spectre’. But since the movie itself isn’t scheduled for release until October we could still have a little wait on our hands.

Samsung Galaxy S6


So for those attending the MWC 2015 in March you may sadly have to miss out this time around on the Xperia Z4 but it does appear thankfully that you will be able to check out the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet you have to keep in mind that the event played host to the introduction of the Galaxy S5 last year so it’s extremely likely that this will once again be the ideal platform for another top-notch unveiling of Samsung’s latest mobile flagship. If the phone is bought out at the MWC then I think we can expect to see come to release around April 2015.



A new model mobile that will surprisingly not be viewed at the forthcoming MWC in Barcelona is the new LG G4 handset. And whilst the Galaxy S6 may take a slight step up in its screen size the LG G4 is rumoured to be having its screen size reduced slightly. The phone is thought to be coming down to 5.3 inches from the original 5.5 inch screen sported by its predecessor the G3.

The delay has supposedly come from LG wanting to perfect its new handset and there’s absolutely no chance of that being done in time for March’s Mobile World Congress. Therefore, much like the official release date or likely cost, any other details regarding the phone are still pretty sparse at the moment

iPhone 6S / iPhone 7


The manufacturer that always seems to draw the biggest crowds and queues from just its presentations and exciting announcements is Apple. 2015 is set to be a huge year for Apple with the impending arrival of its much publicised Apple Watch. Although it will be compatible with both the already released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the impression seems to be that an even newer version should be unveiled at a similar time in order to accompany the release of the watch. The iWatch is set for a Spring 2015 release and so the iPhone 6S is most likely due to appear along with it.

But reportedly that might not be the only big mobile Apple release this year. It does appear that the company may be once more eyeing up their usual launch date in the third quarter. So what exactly will be filling this gap in 2015? Well all things seem to be pointing to the premature arrival of the iPhone 7. It’s a bold and slightly different approach to the market for them from a company that typically waits for an annual unveiling for its mobile devices. But with Apple posting their best ever profits this week and around 70% of that being thanks to that of their iPhone range who would blame them.

Even though it’s early on in the year we can’t see too much of a problem with you putting together your 2015 birthday wants or even Christmas wish list… Just make sure a loved one heads to our friends at Mobile Phones Direct to order to get you one of these latest devices. The last thing you want to do is miss out and be left behind!


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