30th Jan2015

The [Zombie] Resurrection cometh this Easter!

by Phil Wheat

A resurrection of the zombie-kind is happening in the UK this Easter, with Left Films’ announcing its DVD and Bluray release of Andy Phelps and Jake Hawkins’ horror film on 23rd March 2015.

Zombie Resurrection is set a year after the apocalypse, when a rag-tag group of survivors take refuge in an old school. As the undead inevitably invade the makeshift base, the humans witness an unholy miracle: one of the zombies has Jesus-like powers, this rotting Messiah’s touch brings other members of the undead back to life. Is this the Second Coming to save mankind, or a freak virus mutation that will plunge the remaining humans into a new hell? Expect plenty of gore and outrageous zombie whacking, in this action-packed undead showdown..

Check out the trailer, cover and screenshots from Zombie Resurrection below:








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