13th Jan2015

‘WWE: Best PPV Matches 2014’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


As a fan of the WWE who has to write a reviews about their DVD/Blu-ray releases I end up watching a lot that I like, and also that I hate.  The storylines, especially in 2014 have struggled and as we move into 2015 it feels the company is at a weak point, but this does tend to happen in the run up to Wrestlemania.  When I started to watch WWE: Best PPV Matches 2014 I dreaded what the selection would be, but the truth is I was pleasantly surprised with the choices and just how strong the year was.  This was also down to the fact that they missed plenty out too of course.

At the beginning of 2014 the Daniel Bryan ‘Yes!’ movement was at full strength and he was making his way to Wrestlemania.  It was also the time Batista made his return, which didn’t go too well for him (remember Bootista?).  A positive was the fact that the Wyatt Family were still a team as was The Shield and the matches included from them showed where their strength was, and that is in causing as much chaos as possible.

Moving into the months where Daniel Bryan departed for his surgery and The Shield split up it comes as no surprise that one of the selected matches for WWE: Best PPV Matches 2014 was the Money in the Bank Ladder Match featuring Seth Rollins.  His feud with Dean Ambrose (when they actually got down to fighting) was easily a highlight of 2014, as was Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.  The tag team division shows its strength with the likes of Erik Rowan and Luke Harper, The Usos, and Goldust and Stardust showing that this division was one of the strongest and most watchable in 2014.

Although the Diva Division is somewhat disappointing at the moment, looking back at 2014 the included AJ Lee vs. Paige match shows the potential that is available in the Diva division.  It’s just a shame (in my opinion) that it has now lost some of its fire again.  The same can’t be said about the Intercontinental Championship though which featured Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler who arguably was one of the best wrestlers of the year even if he wasn’t in many main event matches.  Speaking of main events, we now get to the WWE World Heavyweight belt, prepare for a rant.

Brock Lesnar is a very talented fighter, we know this and he does deserve to be a champion, but he is not one that WWE needs right now.  In putting the belt on Lesnar they created a monster and that is fine, but he is a monster that is absent, not even hiding in the shadows any more.  It seems sad that we know upon his big comeback he won’t be lasting long with the belt, and the way WWE work they will write Cena straight back into a title reign, this has killed any momentum story lines featuring this championship have.  What about Mr Money in the Bank Seth Rollins? What is the point in having that case in anybody’s hands when the only use for it they have is to hit people with it?

WWE: Best PPV Matches 2014 show the strengths of the company and keeps the story elements to a minimum.  The matches that are missing, especially World Championship ones highlight the main problem WWE have right now, and hopefully this will be fixed in 2015.  WWE needs a kick up the ass right now and needs something of a refresh, so now to sit back and wait for Wrestlemania to change everything (we hope?)

WWE: Best PPV Matches 2014 is available on DVD now from FremantleMedia.

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