11th Jan2015

‘Mai Lin vs. Serena / Oriental Hawaii’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido

Mai Lin vs. Serena


Carlos Tobalina (The Ultimate Pleasure, I Am Always Ready) has a little bit of a problem. He has a new film lined up and needs to find his leading lady. His options are the cute blonde Serena (Dracula Sucks, Pleasure Palace) and fiery Mai Lin (Oriental Madam, Peepholes). To help him solve his casting troubles, the pair decide to play a little game. They set off to compete against each other in the form of challenges. Starting by giving diners of a local restaurant something much tastier than the house special. Yes, this is one dining experience they will never forget! Once they have finished that, they move on to a local “kinda” gay bar and hit it off straight away with a cute lesbian couple. As a result of their public displays of competitive affection, the pair find themselves in jail (I’m guessing, because it just happens) but, the challenge doesn’t stop there. To gain their freedom, they seduce their prison guards, which doesn’t go so well for all involved. After all the excitement the day has given them, the pair return home and take a bath. A bath with a difference. Yep, it’s bukkake showdown time! So, will the pairs little game work off? Who was keeping score? How was this game even being scored!? Carlos has the answer and the answer is… Oh what the heck, they both win! Yay!

Forgive me for my synopsis of the film being brief. It’s not my fault! The plot is simple. Under the circumstances, it kinda works. When you have Serena going head to head (strange pun intended) with Mai Lin, you don’t want to get bogged down with something as trivial a plot driven film, you want the goods! Trust me, you definitely get the goods with this film. It’s always great seeing Serena doing her thing! Herself and Mai Ling have good chemistry and are as charming as they are hot. There’s a good cast of recognisable faces too. If you’re looking for a ludicrous plot (especially in reference to the restaurant scene) that makes you ask yourself multiple questions but gives you a laugh, this is a great film to throw on. Usually, I like my Golden Age smut to have a story and some teasing of depth, but I found myself really enjoying this one for what it was, an excuse to see Serena and Mai Lin do the dirty. There’s a variety of sexual acts on show and it’s entertaining. I have heard some compare this to the likes of an uninspired compilation film, I think that’s unfair. It’s just a simple, entertaining and (sometimes unintentionally) funny film. Plus…. IT’S SERENA FOR GOD’S SAKE!

Oriental Hawaii


Welcome to Hawaii! Home to Sun, sea, sand and hard bodied beauties. It’s also home to a financially struggling family headed by Bob, played John Leslie (Wild Things, Confessions) and Mildred, played by Jessie St. James (Easy, Tropic of Desire). To rake in a bit more money so they can once again eat steak every night (sounds like Heaven), they decide to rent out two rooms to local students. The advert is answered by Mai Lin and Jade Wong (Prisoner of Paradise, Purely Physical). Let’s just say that the family welcomes the new tenants with open arms (and legs). I think it helps when you have four fully grown kids, who enjoy a nice bit of family fun, if you know what I mean? Caring is sharing after all. Things get even weirder when Bob has a vivid dream after taking herbal medicine given to him by his new tenants. He dreams of him and the kids getting down and nasty with each other and the two new tenants. Thankfully, this leads him to having sleep-sex wife. Who says herbal remedies are crap!?

Oriental Hawaii is a fun film. You know you are in for a treat when incest is used as light hearted comedy. It’s also amazing seeing John Leslie and Jessie St. James cast as parents to the likes of Jon Martin (Behind the Green Door, Suzie Superstar) and Rhonda Jo Petty (The Babysitter, Hot Rackets). There is actually more story to this film than Mai Ling Vs. Serena and it makes for an even more enjoyable experience. Just like Serena, I always love watching John Leslie on screen. Of course, Jade Wong and Mai Lin are the main attraction of the film, but John Leslie steals the show for me. The comedy works, the story is simple and the incest angle is strangely fun. Watching the brothers Jon Martin and Jesse Adams (Girls U.S.A, October Silk) share their Asian roommates is entertaining in itself, for all the wrong reasons. The sex is good and varied, so it definitely delivers the goods there. The icing on the cake is the use of the Hawaiian location and the Black Bison-esque score. A lively and fun score for an equally lively and fun film.

Overall, the double feature is solid. Two completely different kinds of film that somewhat compliment each other. Some may not like the coupling, but I think they are both solid Tobalina / Mai Ling entries. In terms of the quality, both films are presented in wide screen and restored in 2K from original negatives. It’s safe to say, these films will never look or sound as good as they are presented here. The release is light on extras, aside from trailers for both films, but the affordability and quality of these films more than make up for it. Whether or not you are a newbie or a veteran to the adult genre, this set is worth in your collection. On a purely selfish note, I just adore the poster artwork for both of these films, so the DVD itself looks great on the shelf. This is typical Vinegar Syndrome quality that we should be thankful for. Oh by the way, did I mention Serena stars?

You can buy this release directly from Vinegar Syndrome here as well as your favourite online retailers.


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