05th Dec2014

‘Wytches #2’ Review

by Nicky Johnson

Written by Scott Snyder | Art by Jock | Published by Image Comics


Snyder, Jock, and Hollingsworth outdo themselves again in the second issue of their horror title, Wytches. It picks up a not long after the last issue, with Sail back at school with a bandage pad on her neck for the cuts and a lump that zombie Annie gave her. Charlie and Lucy, the parents, convinced her how insane that sounded and have booked her in to see a shrink, but whilst diving in a swimming test at school things she sees another zombie out the window and feels something trying to grab her in the water.

Elsewhere, Charlie’s at home fixing up the stair lift and working on his children’s book when he gets some bizarre test results for Sail. Lucy’s at the local hospital as a nurse, doing what she can from her wheelchair next to a boy involved in a hit and run. Despite his heavy injuries, he seems to heal fast and wakes up telling Lucy he knows what really happened in her accident and all the memories come back to her. Maybe it wasn’t a deer she hit after all…

I must have read my copy of this issue 10 times and each time found something new to appreciate. Like a favourite music album there’s just so much to pay attention too without it being too much to do. Whether it’s the splotches of colour mixed in with the actual artwork on each page that seems to get more obvious with the mood and background, the brilliant artwork itself, the cliff hanger ending, or just simply Snyder’s great writing.

The characters continue to be interesting, engaging, and relatable. Charlie the father just trying to keep his family together after a series of tragic incidents, Lucy the mother trying to do what she can and put the past behind her, and Sailor with the teenager attitude and mind, sick sense of humour, trying to fight the insane visions she has. We also get introduced to Charlie’s brother Reg, who by all accounts seems to the bachelor uncle.

If you haven’t started reading Wytches you really need to rectify that. It really is pretty much flawless, from writing to colours, artwork to concept, and it’s my second favourite current title (sorry, Saga wins outright for now). My only problem is that it’s monthly, which while it’s helpful for my bank account just means I have to wait longer for each issue.

***** 5/5


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