30th Nov2014

‘Jon Richardson: Nidiot – Live’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


Christmas is almost here and that means it’s time for the comedians to release their comedy DVD/Blu-ray because of course comedy is an easy choice for presents during the festive season.  Jon Richardson is known for being on shows like 8 Out of 10 Cats and has a certain style which shows just how miserable life can be, but with Jon Richardson: Nidiot – Live he actually reveals that he has some happiness in his life.  Thankfully that doesn’t stop him complaining for our entertainment.

For some being happy would change focus to the brighter side of life, but not for Jon.  Telling the audience tales such as riding speedboats, leaving stag nights early, and how the sun being out in London can make the last train home a nightmare if you are sober he lets us into his negative but unique view of the world.  It’s clear that the problem with the world for Jon Richardson is the fact that other people inhabit it.  Sometimes I tend to agree with him, which is probably why I find his jokes and comedic style funny.

Richardson has a knack of seeing what is annoying in the world and making it funny.  The fact that it’s easy to not only commend him on this view but also recognise many of the scenarios as things that the audience can relate to is what makes Nidiot Live funny.  There is a passing thought that we should tell him to enjoy life more sometimes, but why would he want to do that? It would probably just ruin his day a little.  Some people are just made to be complainers, and Jon Richardson is a person who has a certain talent for it.  There is nothing wrong with this really, we need people who recognise the negative side of life, I tend to share that view of the world too.

Comedy shows like Jon Richardson: Nidiot – Live do tend to stick to the set structure, and it’s up to the comedian to keep the show flowing and keep the audience interested until it ends.  If the jokes aren’t good enough the show tends to flatten out, the audience get bored and the comedian has to regain the interest of the crowd.  With Nidiot Live, I didn’t notice any story that was particularly lacking in comedy, in fact it kept me laughing a long with the audience who were engrossed with what Richardson had to tell us.

Jon at times has a unique way to look at things (just wait for his encounter with a Willow tree), and he not only shows this on the television shows that he takes part in but also in Nidiot, If you like him on television you’ll love his jokes on show here.  Nidiot Live is the perfect release to start with if you’ve not experienced his live shows before, and you even find out what makes him happy, and no it isn’t the misery of others (though that may bring a smile to his face too).

I’m sure I’ll review more comedy releases by Christmas so I can’t really state this is the best but I do feel it will be one of my favourites of the year.  Jon Richardson knows how to put on a good show and keep his audience not only interested but laughing at the mishaps that he goes through.  Life can be a very annoying thing to have to go through, and with Jon Richardson – Nidiot Live, at least we can compare how crap it can be, while of course knowing that even if the world does suck (because of the people who inhabit it) you can also have a little happiness in it too.

***** 5/5

Jon Richardson: Nidiot – Live is available to own on DVD and Blu-ray out 1st December, released by Universal Pictures (UK).  Also available on digital download​​​.​​​​​

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