25th Nov2014

‘The Flash 1×04: Going Rogue’ Review

by ApolloXL5

Written by Geoff Johns,Kai Yu Wu | Directed by Glen Winter



Barry gets a surprise visit from his friend Felicity Smoak, just as a Bank Robber appears on the scene armed with a freezing gun.


And so The Flash continues it’s strong opening season with another quality episode, introducing one the DC hero’s most prominent villains in the form of Leonard Snart (aka Captain Cold), played by Wentworth Millar (of Prison Break). And the actor does a great job with the role, though Snart in this version does appear to be more a ‘stone cold killer’ than any of the comics or cartoons have portrayed him in the past (with him having morals and code of honour in the other versions). But despite that niggle of mine (like with how Tim Burton’s Batman could casually kill his enemies in those classic movies), that didn’t stop me from overall enjoying this episode as it once again gave us some brilliant set-pieces with the security Truck heist, the fight at the theatre (where Barry failed to save someone for the first time) and the derailing of the train (which is the series stand out action scene at this moment).

We also got some more character building for the main cast as it turns out that Cisco was the creator of the freeze-gun (I do hope we get to see Snart take it apart and rebuild it in the future, keeping him in line with the comics) and he had made it to use against Barry originally  (who he did not know at the time). It was a really interesting angle which was reminiscent of DC’s Tower of Babel story (Batman created plans to neutralise the rest of the Justice League if they every went rogue, only for them to fall into the hands of the League‘s enemies) and you could understand and sympathise for both Barry’s and Cisco’s points of view. We also finally got to see more of Professor Wells dark side, this time with it being directed at Cisco (can’t help but wonder if he was overdoing the anger and was somehow responsible himself).

Felicity also appeared in this episode (the second crossover in four episodes between Arrow and Flash) which could have felt a bit forced, except that Miss Smoak had a very good reason for appearing in Central City this early in the series (which was nicely set up during Barry’s earlier appearances in Arrow’s second season). And she was (like she always is, in either show) a welcome presence, all her scenes with Barry (whether they were geeking out over something or just sitting on a train and talking) were both fun and sweet.

The only downer of this episode was that Eddie’s sudden budding friendship with Joe by the episode’s end felt too convenient and neatly fixed (which is funny considering the Father’s objections to the other guy’s romance with his daughter).

But at the end of the day, this was the series best episode (at this time) and gave us a strong villain and the promise of more to come (if the final scene was anything to go by) from him and others (it’s interesting that the best bad-guy so far, doesn’t have any powers what so ever).

****½  4.5/5


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