19th Nov2014

New teaser trailer for ‘From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl’

by Phil Wheat

Strongman Pictures have released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming film From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl, featuring music from Horrorcore musician KidCrusher.

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl tells the story of Charlie. After watching her Daddy die in the ring, she sets out to become a wrestler in his memory. The only things stopping her are a disapproving boyfriend, a demanding day job and a soul-crushing boss – whose corporate shenanigans threaten to unleash hordes of zombies upon the earth! Charlie has no choice up to open up a can of whoop-ass and take these murderous Jabronis for a stroll down smack down boulevard!

From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl, directed by Daniel Armstrong (Murderdrome), has its World Premiere on January 10th at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne.


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