28th Oct2014

‘Homeland’ playing cards designed in celebration of new series

by Phil Wheat

Produced by the well-established Showtime network, Homeland is a dark political drama and one of the most talked about series on television. The show follows protagonist CIA agent Carrie Mathison, highlighting her fight in response to the al-Qaeda terrorist plots on the United States of America. To celebrate the new season of HomelandLadbrokes has designed a new illustrated card deck, featuring characters from the show as the royal cards.

This amazing card is the front of the deck. The CIA Eagle surrounded by the different emblems of the traditional card deck is really striking, and the all-seeing eye at the top of the card hints at the CIA’s power, both in the US and on foreign soil.


Brody is the King card – his story is the focal point of the first three seasons. He is the prisoner of war who was turned by al-Qaeda. He eventually becomes a CIA agent, and even though he has now been killed off, there are murmurs of a plot twist in which he returns, but he and Carrie will be forever linked.


Of course, Carrie is the Queen card. She has to keep a handle on her bi-polar disorder, even while she puts her life on the line every day. The image of a saxophone is due to Carrie’s love of jazz music – she has a poster on the wall of her apartment that has jazz musicians and the word ‘jazz’ on it.


The Ace is the C.I.A, Carrie’s employer, and figure of American power in the East. Carrie frequently defies her orders in order to prove that Brody has been turned by al-Qaeda.


One of the Jack cards is Saul. He is Carrie’s mentor, and often is the only thing that keeps her on the straight and narrow (just). He is very protective of Carrie, and having worked for the CIA for 35 years, is able to pull the strings needed to keep her out of trouble. Most of the time.


You can take a look at all the cards designed by Ladbrokes on their website – there are also cards dedicated to other series including Game of Thrones.


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