16th Oct2014

‘Girl in Gold Boots’ DVD Review (88 Films)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Jody Daniels, Leslie McRae, Tom Pace, Chris Howard | Written by Art Names, Leighton J. Peatman, John T. Wilson | Directed by Ted V. Mikels


Pardon the blasphemy, but Jesus H. Christ, who the hell decided it would be a good idea to release Ted V. Mikels WORST film on DVD? The bigger question would be why the hell did I decide to even review this film? If it ranks as one of the worst Ted V. Mikels films AND one of the worst films ever to grace MST3K (some would say it made for the worst episode of that show too), why would anyone in their right mind give Girl in Gold Boots the time of day?

I asked myself that question throughout each and every painful minute of this film…

I can understand why 88 Films saw fit to release Blood Orgy of the She Devils and The Corpse Grinders – after all they have a more “sensationalist” edge to them (i.e. they’ve got cool titles and a bit of exploitation interest). But Girl in Gold Boots? It’s little more than a low-budget attempt at making a “gritty” musical in the swinging sixties – think Paul Verhoven’s Showgirls, lensed in 1968, with a lower budget, amateur actors and a godawful soundtrack and you’ll be somewhere close.

After the brain-mushing that is viewing this film, pardon me for copying & pasting the official synopsis from the press release – I feel I need to after loosing IQ points watching this drivel…

A gorgeous but gullible small-town girl grabs for dancing glory in the bright lights of glamorous Hollywood. Lured from her dead-end life by Buzz, a petty hood with a hot car, a gun, and a sister in the “business,” pretty young Michele jumps at the chance to live out her dreams of stardom. As the pair ride to L.A., they’re joined by a hitchhiking drifter who calls himself Critter. A tense love triangle develops that threatens to unleash the violent passions smoldering just beneath their hip, care-free facade. The seedy side of show biz draws the trio into a dangerous labyrinth of drugs, thugs and tripped-out junkies, where the only dreams that come true are nightmares.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a film about Go-Go dancing, directed by the man behind The Corpse Grinders, would have a smidgen of sleaze about it. But no, Girl in Gold Boots is as innocent as the Frankie Avalon “Beach” movies of the 50s and 60s. There really is nothing to recommend even contemplating giving this new DVD a spin. Hell, 88 Films haven’t even seen fit to give the movie a remastered print. The disc is the same worn-out, scratch-filled mess that you can watch for free on a myriad of VOD platforms. Again, why waste your money? This is SERIOUSLY for Ted V. Mikels completists only!

Girl in Gold Boots is out now on DVD from 88 Films.


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