02nd Oct2014

‘The Fear’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, John Philbin, Dustin Stevens, Monique Parent, Andrea Vahl, William A. Robertson, Kris Smith, Timothy Dugan, Alex Markousis, Holly Greene | Written by Kris Hulbert | Directed by Randy Kent, Kris Hulbert


Everybody wants to buy the perfect house right? The house that seems just right for what you need. What would you do if the basement had hidden secrets, like a history if bloody gory murder would you still want it?

The Fear (aka The Perfect House) is something we’ve been lacking for a while. A good anthology of horror, no ghosts though just good old fashioned gore all interwoven into a story about a house for sale. As a realtor shows a couple around a house we learn the three stories of what have gone on in and around the basement.

The first is of a family hiding from a storm outside. They include a psychopathic mother, a father sharing a bit too much love with his daughter, the daughter constantly bullied by her jealous mother and a son who seems to be just a little out there. As the mother rants and raves at anything that moves the tension builds within the basement till a gory climax. For me this was an interesting little tale as it built up the characters and we saw events through the eyes of each of them, giving us unique perspectives on what has been going on in the house and just how dysfunctional this family is. The resultant outburst of violence is nicely visualised to the watcher and adds to the atmosphere. I found it quite intelligent in the way it was told and of course the gore was more than welcome.

The second and my favourite story was that of a serial killer and his victims. He holds two people in separate cages, the twist is that one is to die and one has to be the voyeur, and she’s been watching for so long she just wishes it was her dying. This story is pure sadism as the serial killer literally tortures his victims to the point where they are begging him to just kill them. Of course he won’t give in that simply and he’s almost disappointed if they die so soon. What really struck me from this story though was the wittiness of the script and how well-crafted it was. The continual arguments the voyeur has with the killer and her continual advice she gives to the actual victims is quite amusing, and you really do get the feeling that she’s seen it all before. Then ending to the tale is also nicely twisted and it provides one of the more positive ends to the tales.

The third story actually starts at the beginning of the movie but is completed at the end to finalise the basements history. A family are invited around to the house to find themselves trapped in the basement all over an argument about a weed wacker. This leads to the dissection of what is apparently a perfect little family as we see the true side of them and how selfish they are. Again I liked how sadistic and well thought out this story was, although you do feel sorrier for the family in this story, where as in the previous story you felt little for the victims and just enjoyed the sadism witnessed. Or at least I did anyway but that may be that I’m a bit of a sadist at heart maybe, who knows.

Sometimes with independent movies the acting can let it down; with this movie though there is no need to do that. The acting was never poor, and especially in the second tale the actors were driving the story so had to be strong. I’m happy to say they were. As this was my favourite of all I would have been disappointed if they could not live up to the story and script they had been provided and I’m glad to say they did it justice.

So yes, would I recommend The Fear? Hell yes I would. I will point out that it may not be to everybody’s taste as the level of sadism shown in the killings is surprisingly high and goes to levels which many mainstream Hollywood horrors won’t go to. To many horror fans like me though this is welcome as we gore hounds need a little sadism in our movie diet. I think it’s fair to say that this movie gives movies like Hostel a run for their money in the gore stakes but actually manages to pull together much stronger and interesting stories instead of just trying to be a highlight reel for gore.

The Fear is released on DVD on November 10th, courtesy of 101 Films.

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