31st Aug2014

‘WWE Brothers of Destruction’ Blu-ray Review

by Paul Metcalf


As a horror fan I’ve always liked the wrestlers with the darker sides.  The Undertaker and Kane are two wrestlers who have had a certain mystique and managed to get away with the more silly story lines featuring the supernatural.  For the most part though their destructive force has been more of an importance to their fans.  WWE: Brothers of Destruction provides a few of their best matches in their time as a tag team.

WWE fans know that the relationship between Kane and Undertaker has been a strained one, especially based on the fact that they have had one of the best rivalries that the WWE managed to create.  Working as a team though in the years when Undertaker was using his American Badass gimmick they were a very good tag team, and they came at a time when the WWE were riding on a high when it came to that division.  The fact that on this release you can find matches against Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boyz shows just what talent they could go against.  It is a shame though that on the DVD release at least a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H was not included; that is saved for the Blu-ray exclusives.

With no documentary looking at the relationship of the two brothers WWE: Brothers of Destruction is just a series of matches, but the picks for the most are good ones.  The only weak match I would point out is the one versus Mark Henry and Big Daddy V.  While entertaining and a reminder of Undertaker’s introduction of his UFC inspired submission move I’d argue it’s not really a best of match.  Also the inclusion of an ECW match against The Miz and John Morrison is questionable, but it is a good match none the less.

What this release does give though is a good reminder of different eras of the WWE.  It’s nice to see some of the Alliance storylines that at the time were good.  An example of this of course are Steve Austin and Triple H as a tag team and Diamond Dallas Page’s obsession with Sara and his “Make Me Famous” feud with Undertaker.  This nostalgic feel to the selection of the matches keeps the release feeling light, if a little short on actual content about two of the biggest stars of WWE.  It would have been nice to see some of the feud they had against each other, more of the storylines featuring the Brothers of Destruction and maybe even a documentary so that people can look back on what they achieved.

At a time when Undertaker is getting ever closer to retirement (as is Kane to be fair) it’s nice to look back at their time together when they were on a high.  We may not get to see them come together in the squared circle again so it’s nice to see WWE: Brothers of Destruction work as a reminder just how dominant a force they both can be, together and apart.  Even lacking in content this release is well worth watching for fans of the two wrestlers, just don’t expect it to be an all-encompassing history of the Brothers of Destruction.

WWE: Brothers of Destruction is available on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK from September 1st.

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