12th Aug2014

‘Erotic Adventures of Candy’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido

Stars: Carol Connors, Eddy Cannon, Don Fernando, Georgina Spelvin, Pat Rhea, John Holmes, John Leslie | Written and Directed by Gail Palmer


Carol Connors (Deep Throat, Sweet Savage) plays as Candy, a 20 year old student who although a knockout, is a 100% virgin. She has a dream and wants to ‘help’ her fellow men. Unfortunately, her strict father played by Eddy Cannon (Cry Rape, Marisa) won’t let his little angel out of his sight or give the neighbours a bad impression. Unfortunately for him however, there’s a spanner in the works… The pesky gardener Manuel played by Don Fernando (Hot Rackets, Getting Off). He takes Candy’s virginity and as a result, poor pappa is hospitalised. Whilst at the hospital, Candy bumps in to her Auntie Kraven played by the wonderful Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones, Police Academy) and her Uncle Dick who is the identical twin of her father. Things take a ‘strange’ turn and her uncle winds up changing places with her father.

No need to worry though because Candy decides to visit her Aunt Em, played by Pat Rhea (The Joy of Letting Go, Chopstix). On the way there Candy meets Sean, a used car salesman with issues about his body. Of he is played by the legendary John Holmes (Johnny Wadd, Fantasm). Sean invites her back to his swanky pad to share a fancy dinner, I mean TV dinner but their plans are on hold when Sean reveals his ‘deformity’. Let’s just say, I would happily suffer with what he has, am I right? Am I right!? More hilarity ensues on her adventures, such as a visit to Dr. Fillmore Entry, a creepy gynaecologist played John Leslie (Sexworld, Girlfriends) and a trippy ‘spiritual’ encounter and so much more! It’s a non-stop adventure for Candy!

Erotic Adventures of Candy is a laugh-a-minute good time. Carol Connors is sensational to drool over but is also a joy to watch. Her portrayal as the naive Candy is fantastic. The supporting cast is solid with legends such as Spelvin, Holmes and Leslie putting in stellar performances. The comedy is spot on too, especially if you like your Carry On sort of humour… With added porn of course. Speaking of porn, the action is white hot and balances the slapstick humour perfectly (Oh gosh, Carol Connors behind!). It’s a fairly simple story but told brilliantly well. Gail Palmer writes, directs and even stars in this flick and her narration really adds to the film. If you are a fan of Voltaire, you may appreciate her take on Candide… Or you may hate it but each to their own. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this film and can definitely see myself watching this one again in the future.

As always, Vinegar Syndrome have delivered the goods. The PQ is gorgeous and once again comes from the original negatives presented in 2K. The colours of the sets really stand out and the images are sharp, it’s a visual treat especially doubled up with films wonderful cinematography. Sound is equally wonderful. The library music in the film is great and the sound quality really compliments it. Erotic Adventures is the first of two films on the disc and is part of Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama series. The second film on the disc is the sequel, Candy Goes to Hollywood. Overall, for the price of the disc, it’s worth it for this title alone but to have the next film on the same release as well as uncut trailers for each film, it’s fantastic for collectors or newcomers dipping their pure, uncorrupted toes in to the genre. A must buy for sure.

You can buy Erotic Adventures of Candy/Candy Goes to Hollywood directly from Vinegar Syndrome, as well as your favourite online retailers.


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